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Kristen Bell on Being Told She Wasn’t ‘Pretty Enough’ at the Start of Her Career

Kristen Bell is opening up about the struggles she faced at the beginning of her career. While discussing her many film, TV and voice roles in a video interview with Vanity Fair Wednesday, the actress recalled being told she didn’t have the right look or personality when she was starting out in show business. “I […]

A Guide To Watching Porn As A Couple, As Told By An Adult Film Star


When you’re with your partner, you both give it your all to ensure your sex is fire. When you’re apart, you occasionally look to porn to get you turned-on and help you rub one out in a hurry. My question: why haven’t you ever thought to combine the two experiences? Watching porn as a couple […]

Nurse Quits On IG live When Told To Work On The Coronavirus Floor

A nurse has quit her job – after being asked to care for Coronavirus patients. The nurse quit her job yesterday, on Instagram Live, and the video (which can be seen above) quickly went viral. Nurse, who is named Melissa, is a 31 year old mother of five children. She also is a breast cancer […]

Idris Elba Claims Doc Told Him He’ll Be Immune to Coronavirus

Breaking News Idris Elba is on the mend in his bout with coronavirus … and pretty soon he could be immune to the disease, so he says. The actor gave his fans a huge health update and said his doctor told him that after quarantine “we will be immune for a certain time since our […]

Tyler Perry: Nobody Told Me To Put On A Dress!!

Tyler Perry visited T.I.’s Expeditiously Podcast, where he opened up about the criticism he has faced over the years for wearing a dress whenever playing his character, Madea. Years ago, comedian Dave Chappelle shared that he believes that the majority of Black male comedians and actors in Hollywood cannot truly make it big unless they […]

Police Told Not to Arrest Drug Dealers and Prostitutes Amid Coronavirus

Police in Philadelphia are being ordered not to arrest non-violent criminals amid the coronavirus outbreak. An internal memo issued by Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, obtained by The Philadelphia Inquirer, instructs officers to release any thieves, drug-dealers or prostitutes they catch. Effective from Tuesday, and every day between 4pm and midnight, the following crimes will not […]

Brian Ortega Slap Aftermath Video, ‘I Told You I’d Slap You Like a Bitch’

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com TMZ Sports has obtained video moments after UFC star Brian Ortega allegedly slapped a Korean man at UFC 248 … and you can hear Ortega say, “I told you I’d slap you like a bitch.” It all went down in the stands at T-Mobile Arena in Vegas on Saturday — […]

Black Ink Crew’s Sky Told Her Son: β€œWhy Didn’t I Swallow You?”

The new season of VH1s hit series Black Ink is explosive. On the latest episode Sky and her son Dessalines get into an argument, and things quickly go from 0 to 100. By all appearances, Dessalines and Sky don’t have the best relationship. First off, the 19 year old was not raised by his mother. […]

College Admissions Ringleader Rick Singer Says FBI Told Him to Lie About Bribery

Exclusive Getty The FBI told the ringleader in the college admissions scandal to lie and say his clients knew he was bribing college officials, and when he wouldn’t play ball they yelled at him … this according to Rick Singer himself. It’s a stunning, possible game-changing development in the case. One of the parents who’s […]

’12 Years A Slave’ Director Steve McQueen: ‘I Was Told A Movie With Black Leads Wouldn’t Make Any Money’

Steve McQueen won an Oscar for movie, 12 Years A Slave, but according to McQueen, while he was busy filming the flick, he was told that “a movie with black leads wouldn’t make any money.”Β  “Everyone was telling me ‘no,’ and I didn’t take any notice, just like before,” McQueen said during an interview with […]