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Man Arrested for Punching Mom in Toilet Paper Dispute

It’s come to this … cops stepped into a house divided, where a mother and son fought over toilet paper — specifically, due to hiding and over-wiping. L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies busted 26-year-old Adrian Yan around 3 AM — always a bad sign — for punching his mother. Why? He claims he discovered his mom […]

‘Quarantined Bachelor’ Show’s a Hit in SF, Toilet Paper Instead of Roses

‘Bachelor’ Nation, meet your new fix — a couple dudes in SF started their own quarantine dating show, but they’ve nixed the roses and replaced it with a way more precious item. Two former Yelp employees in the Bay Area — Tyler Cohen and Jimmy Parenteau — already had a virtual dating show in the […]

Chris D’Elia Claims Cashier Gave Him Hoarded Toilet Paper, Big Fan

Play video content Chris D’Elia has a wild tale that’s almost too funny to believe … a local cashier hooked him up with toilet paper ’cause of his celebrity, treating perforation like precious pounds of pot. The comedian took to Instagram Saturday with his story, telling his followers that he casually strolled into an L.A.-area […]

18-Wheeler Hauling Toilet Paper Crashes in Texas, Spilling TP

An 18-wheeler hauling toilet paper across the country crashed and went up in flames on a Texas interstate … and reams of priceless rolls ended up as roadkill. The crazy scene unfolded on Interstate 20 early Wednesday morning, when the driver of the tractor-trailer lost control of the rig … flipping the truck on its […]

Big Rig Carrying Toilet Rolls Crashes in Texas, Precious Cargo Burns

A truckload of America’s most valuable commodity was lost in a fiery crash on Wednesday morning. An 18-wheeler carrying commercial toilet paper overturned on the Interstate 20 in the early hours of the morning and caught fire, causing the vast majority of its precious cargo to go up in flames. The driver reportedly lost control […]

Quarantined Man Gets Toilet Paper Delivered Via Drone in San Fran

The coronavirus quarantines have people stocking up on supplies and causing shortages in necessities like nobody’s business. And the idea of running out of toilet paper had one San Francisco man coming up with a creative way to make sure he was prepared for the long haul during the shelter-in-place mandate scheduled until April 7. […]

Viral Toilet Seat Licker Wants to ‘Pull Up and Cough’ on Dr. Phil

Influencer Ava Louise, who went viral after licking an airplane toilet seat for her “coronavirus challenge,” opened up about the controversial video in a wild new interview with Dr. Phil. On the episode, which aired Thursday, the 21-year-old TikTok star and self-described “skinny legend” went head-to-head with the television therapist, who confronted Louise about the […]

Influencer Who Licked Toilet Says He’s in Hospital with Coronavirus

A California social media influencer claims he is in the hospital with coronavirus just days after licking a public toilet for an online challenge. The young man, known as Larz, revealed his diagnosis on Sunday in a since-deleted Tweet, writing, “I tested positive for Coronavirus.” He also posted footage of himself in a hospital bed, […]

Director James Gunn Using Toilet Paper with ‘Guardian’ Star’s Face

James Gunn is wiping his butt with Michael Rooker‘s face … literally. The “Guardians of The Galaxy” director says the nationwide scramble for toilet paper due to the coronavirus pandemic has forced him to go deep into his reserve stash … and he’s finally using some custom TP he originally got as a gag gift […]

Kelly Clarkson Uses Toddler’s Toilet Amid Coronavirus Self-Isolation

Kelly Clarkson’s family may have gotten a little too self-isolated. The judge of “The Voice” gave her 12.3 million Twitter followers a hilarious update as she and her kin got a little social distancing done by high-tailing it to Montana amid the coronavirus pandemic. “So our plumbing froze up at our little cabin in Montana […]