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Tiger King Goes Under TMZ Microscope, New Special Explores ‘Strange Twists and Turns’ of Joe Exotic’s Story

One of the top investigative teams in Los Angeles is turning its focus to the wild and crazy world of Joe Exotic with “TMZ Investigates: Tiger King – What Really Went Down?” The new one-hour Fox special, airing at 9 p.m. ET on Fox, offers a deeper exploration into some of the lingering questions left […]

TMZ Will Give You $5k to Show Us Your Talent, Get It on Camera!

Play video content Ever wanted to put your seemingly useless talents to good use — AKA, getting ca$$$h??? It’s your lucky day, ’cause TMZ’s got the dough, and we’re ready to dish it out for some video. Welcome to the “Show Us Your Talent” contest, where all you gotta do is capture your unique skills […]

UFC’s Dominick Reyes Shows How to Counter Jon Jones’ Elbow on TMZ Staffer

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com How the hell do you defend against those legendary Jon Jones elbow strikes? UFC star Dominick Reyes believes he’s got the answer — and he’s demonstrating his violent plan on one of our TMZ staffers! Of course, Dom and Jon Jones are set to do battle at UFC 247 in […]

Breaking: Kobe Bryant Dies in Helicopter Crash


Basketball legend Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California, Sunday morning, TMZ confirmed. Backgrid The scene in Calabasas, where all five aboard were confirmed dead. Bryant and four others were aboard his private helicopter β€” a mode of transportation he frequently used β€”Β when it crashed, bursting into flames on a hill near […]

JB Smoove Signs TMZ Photog’s Neck, Proves He Loves His Fans

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com JB Smoove had something to prove on the streets of New York — he ain’t as grouchy as Larry David is with autograph seekers, and we know this because he put pen to flesh. We got the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star Wednesday afternoon as he was greeted by a swarm […]

MMA Star AJ McKee Puts TMZ Staffer In Sick Armbar, TAP OUT!!!

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com WARNING — DO NOT TRY THIS MOVE ON ANYONE UNLESS YOU’RE A WORLD CLASS FIGHTER!!! This is A.J. McKee — one of the hottest young stars in MMA — and he’s REALLY good at submitting people. So, when he came to the TMZ newsroom the other day, we had him […]

Soledad O’Brien Wants to Collect TMZ Money on Impeachment Bet

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Soledad O’Brien was right about President Trump getting impeached — and now, she’s here to collect on her bet … which we’ll have to pay her back for later. We got the veteran TV journalist Tuesday at LAX, and our photog recalled she’d placed a bet with our D.C. guy […]

TMZ Challenge Lets You Win Trip to Hollywood and Appear on ‘TMZ on TV’

Play video content We have great confidence in TMZ users and viewers because we think there’s someone out there who could give our photogs a run for their money. So, here’s the contest … shoot a video on your cell phone where you have a TMZ-style convo with a friend, a child, a pet, a […]

TMZ Invites You to the #TMZChallenge, Win & We’ll Fly You Out

Play video content Ever wondered what it’d be like to be a TMZ photog??? Well, wonder no longer and instead put your imagination to the test. Do it well … and we’ll hook you up!!! That’s right, folks. We’re putting the #TMZChallenge out into the universe and inviting YOU to participate for a chance to […]

TMZ Partners with Quibi for New Celebrity Show

We are super pumped that we’re partnering with Quibi — a revolutionary new mobile platform — for a very different celebrity show with the TMZ edge. In case you haven’t heard … Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman, along with a bunch of other bigwigs are launching a mobile-first media technology platform in the first part […]