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Tiny Harris Shuts Down TI’s Baby Making Plans: I’m Praying That I Don’t Make A Baby!!

Tiny Harris has shut down husband T.I.’s remarks that “babies will be made” during quarantine — she’s saying she’s “praying” that she does not get pregnant. “I am trying not to make a baby so … and I am. I’m not really trying not to make a baby, but I’m praying that I don’t make […]

Rapper TI’s Daughter Deyjah: I Suffer From Mental Health Issues!!

Last year, hip hop pioneer Clifford “T.I.” Harris got himself into a bit of a jam, when he told a podcaster that he took his 19 year old daughter to the gynecologist to have her virginity “inspected.” TI later publicly apologized to daughter Deyjah Harris for his comments. But now Deykah is speaking out, MTO […]

Floyd Mayweather: ‘I Never Slept With TI’s Wife!!’

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather sat down for an interview where he recalled his 2014 fight with rapper T.I. – and Mayweather confirms the fight was over T.I.’s wife, Tiny Harris. According to Mayweather, T.I. stepped to him after seeing a picture of him with Tiny on social media: “I was basically like, ‘Listen. I’m letting […]

TI’s Son KING Gets Into School Fight – And He Held His Own!! (Video)


Hip Hop mogul Clifford “TI” Harris’ 15 year old son King Harris got into a brutal fist fight at school yesterday, and MTO News located the video of the shocking fight. Here is a link to the video: LINK TO TI SON FIGHT VIDEO According to social media chatter, a teenage boy was attempting to […]

Kanye West Defends TI’s Hymen Check: ‘That’s God Approved!!’

Kanye West has once again thrust rapper T.i. ‘s comments about checking his daughter’s hymen into the spotlight after he defended them during a recent Sunday Service. “I ain’t tellin nobody what to do, I’m expressin’ what I’ve been through. ‘Cause you know people love to take a soundbite and say, ‘This was not exactly […]

Deyjah Harris Returns To Instagram After TI’s Controversial OGBYN Remarks

Deyjah Harris, the 18-year-old daughter of rapper T.I. has returned to Instagram weeks after her father’s remarks about her OBGYN visits. Deyjah made after her famous father who revealed on the Ladies Like Us podcast that he takes her every year after her birthday to the OBGYN to make sure that her hymen is still […]

Rapper TI’s Big Homie Was Just Murdered In Prison Today!!!


Rapper TI just lost one of his closest friends, and his long-time partner Cap. Cap, whose real name Terrance Beasley, was one of the most solid big homies in Atlanta. He had strong ties with TI, Killer Mike, Jermaine Dupri, and just about every other Atlanta artist. May he rest in peace. MTO News has […]

TI’s 18 Yr Old Daughter Deletes Instagram After Cyber-Bullying!!


Rapper TI’s 18 year old daughter Deyjah is back in the news again.Β  MTO News has learned that the 18 year old college student has been forced to delete all of her social media pages. All because she was being constantly harassed and bullied. Deyjah Harris was thrust into the news two weeks ago, when […]

Tiny Now Firing Shots At TI’s 18 Yr Old Daughter Deyjah


TI and his 18 year old daughter Deyjah are currently at odds. And TI’s wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, may be joining the family feud. Because yesterday she fired shots at the 18 year old – on social media. The fallout began with TI’s recent interview on the β€œLadies Like Us” podcast. In the interview, the […]

Podcast Hosts Apologize For T.I.’s OBGYN Remarks & Delete Episode

The women who host the Ladies Like Us podcast and recently had T.I. on as a guest have removed the episode and issued an apology for his remarks. On the show, T.I. stated that he checks his 18-year-old birthday every year to make sure that her hymen is intact. Instead of checking T.I., the podcasters […]