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Viral Beauty Products on TikTok That Are Worth The Hype

Truly Beauty Buns of Glowry Ultra

Has anyone else found themselves utterly addicted to TikTok during quarantine, or am I the only one? Frankly, it took me nearly six months to figure out just exactly what the app was and what it was for, and while Iโ€™m not posting any content of my own just and may or may not still […]

Mariah Carey’s Son Tries Putting Her on TikTok, Hilariously Fails

Play video content @gamercannons / TikTok Mariah Carey‘s son clearly knows the rules about Mom being “camera-ready” … as evidenced by this hilarious video of him trying to get her to appear on his TikTok video!!! Mariah and Nick Cannon‘s 9-year-old, Moroccan Scott Cannon, aka Rocky, was playing around on TikTok and one of his […]

TikTok Stars Believe Trump Wants to Ban App as Revenge for Trolling Him

Exclusive President Trump says his threat to ban TikTok is about China stealing data, but that’s just a cover story … at least according to TikTokers who think he can’t take a joke, and simply wants revenge. TMZ spoke with Mary Jo Laupp — AKA TikTok Grandma — and DeJuan Booker, a couple of proud […]

Addison Rae Item Beauty Is the First TikTok Makeup Brand

item beauty

Well, it was only a matter of time. TikTok star Addison Rae is launching Item Beauty, becoming the first on the platform to launch their own full beauty brand. Brand innovation incubator Madeby Collective is behind the brand with Rae acting as co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer. The line promises to be dermatologist-tested, โ€œclean,โ€ (free […]

President Trump Says TikTok Will Shut Down by Sept. 15 Unless Deal’s Made

Play video content C-SPAN President Trump‘s set a deadline for Microsoft — or any other tech giant for that matter — to buy TikTok’s U.S. operations or he’ll shut the app down for good. The Prez spoke to reporters Monday at the White House and was asked about Microsoft’s ongoing negotiations to buy the popular […]

TikTok Hookups: I Keep Falling For Famous TikTok Boys

StyleCaster newsletter

Who can resist a male TikTok star in all his stereotypical six-pack, shaggy-haired glory? I certainly couldnโ€™t, especially not when the one Iโ€™d been crushing on texted me that he was ready to โ€œlink.โ€ I was laying in my hotel room at 1:00 a.m. during a digital influencer convention (I was on the talent roster […]

Microsoft Confirms Plans to Pursue Buying TikTok After Chat with Trump

Breaking News TikTok might become an American-owned company on the heels of the Trump administration’s security concerns about the app — if Microsoft can get a deal done. The software behemoth went public Sunday with its plans, announcing it was pursuing to purchase TikTok from its parent company ByteDance, and Microsoft’s CEO has already had […]

Trump Says He’ll Ban TikTok from the United States

Donald Trump says he’s gonna ban TickTok as early as today. Trump told a reporter on Air Force One Friday night, โ€œWell, I have that authority … I can do it with an executive order …” ย He reportedly followed up by saying, “We’re banning them from the United States.” The pretext is that TikTok is […]

The Walmart George Jeans TikTok Trend Is Actually So Creative

STYLECASTER | TikTok Walmart George Jeans Trend

Though I would definitely consider myself a creative person (You should see all the crafting supplies I manage to store under my bed.), the Walmart George Jeans trend on TikTok has made me realize I need to step up my DIY game. Plenty of dances and activities go viral on TikTok, sure, but the latest […]

TikTok Star Charli D’Amelio Hires Cops After Threat, Swatting Incidents

Exclusive Things have gotten way too personal for TikTok’s most-followed personality, and after getting an online threat … her family’s hired round-the-clock security. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Charli D’Amelio got a scare on July 8 when someone posted on social media, claiming they were going to show up at her house. No one […]