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Robert Downey Jr. Says ‘90% of My Black Friends’ Approved of Tropic Thunder Role – Joe Rogan Experience

While many took umbrage with Robert Downey Jr.‘s role in “Tropic Thunder,” the actor revealed some of his close confidants were in full support. The “Iron Man” star wore Blackface for most of the 2008 film as he portrayed Kirk Lazarus, a white method actor who underwent “pigmentation alteration” to play a person of color […]

Brandon T. Jackson Says God Forgave Him for Playing Gay In ‘Tropic Thunder’

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Brandon T. Jackson says he was on “thin ice” with God for playing a gay character in “Tropic Thunder” … but says wearing a dress in “Big Mommas” was worse for him. Jackson famously played Alpa Chino in the 2008 Ben Stiller flick — a closeted actor who accidentally revealed […]