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Dwight Howard’s ‘Thought About Dunk Contest,’ But Focus Is On Lakers

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com It’s been 11 years since Dwight Howard won the NBA Dunk Contest with that insane Superman slam … and now DH says he’s given serious thought to doing it AGAIN!!! “I thought about it. I’m getting my legs back. I feel young again,” 33-year-old Howard told us outside The Window […]

Billie Eilish’s Mullet Haircut Photo Proves I’m Not As Cool As I Thought

Billie Eilish

There were so many Billie Eilishes running around on Halloween, we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. The 17-year-old is a trend-setter, it cannot be denied. And now, Eilish just cut her hair into a mullet. She’s quirky, intense, and seems to follow no rules about fashion or style. In a world that is […]

Slim 400 Thought He Was Going to Die In Drive-By Shooting

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Slim 400 thought he was a goner as a hail of bullets rained down on him during a drive-by shooting in Compton … but he miraculously survived, and now he says he can’t be stopped!!! Slim joined us on “TMZ Live” Thursday and gave us the lowdown on last month’s […]