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Bow Wow Offers CRAZY Theory On Who Shot Ghost On Power!!

Last night on Power, the mid-season finale ended with the shows star James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick being shot. The show does not reveal WHO may have shot ghost. But the suspects are Ghost’s ex-wife Tasha, his former best friend Tommy, his son Tariq, a crooked federal prosecutor, corrupt Councilman Tate, or his main drug rival […]

‘Riverdale’ Season 4: Jughead Death Theory —We’re Not Falling For It

jughead, Betty cooper, fp jones

We’ve been here before. A TV show kills off a fan favorite, only to later reveal they’ve been alive the whole time!! Spooky. The perfect twist for Halloween. Well, this Riverdale Season 4 Jughead death theory is something else. Just wondering. Because we can’t imagine the CW letting Cole Sprouse out of his contract so […]

‘Office’ Star Jenna Fischer on Chrissy Teigen’s Jim & Pam Divorce Theory

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Chrissy Teigen thinks Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly are definitely dunzo after getting married 10 years ago — but Pammy herself is all like, whoa, whoa … that’s just what she said. Yep, we ran into Jenna Fischer as she left the “Today” show in NYC — where she was […]

The CW’s ‘Nancy Drew’ Ghost Theory Is Hella Spooky

nancy drew poster Nancy Who? The CW’s ‘Nancy Drew’ Has Fans Super Excited About This Spooky Theory

The CW has a new leading lady, and there’s even more mystery than ever. The new series, Nancy Drew is yet another twist on a classic story (a la Sabrina and Riverdale). Now fans are wondering what this Nancy Drew ghost theory means. The CW consistently brings a much darker edge to the original series. So fans of […]

A ‘This Is Us’ Theory About Kevin & Cassidy Caught Us So Off Guard

this is us s4 A This Is Us Theory About Kevin & Cassidy Caught Us Totally Off Guard

Whew, we’re only one episode in, and this show is already making us crumble emotionally. A This Is Us theory about Kevin and Cassidy has caught us so off guard that we’re going to obsess about it for days (or weeks) until the truth is finally out in the open. Before we get into the theory, […]

This Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Are Married Theory From ‘Lover’ Is OMG

Celine Dion Paris France

This latest music-related theory, if true, is major. This Taylor Swift married Joe Alwyn theory based on Lover has fans are losing it. The singer just dropped the music video for the album title song and fans have been on the hunt for easter eggs and clues ever since. This theory, though, is one of […]

This ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Eleven Villain Theory Is So Insane

"Stranger Things"

If you’re not caught up on Stranger Things Season 3, turn back now. This Stranger Things Season 4 Eleven villain theory has us distraught. El has been a hero up till now, saving her gang of friends on numerous occasions. This year, the group of kids in Hawkins, Indiana faced many new challenges (all rooted […]

This ‘Big Little Lies’ Theory That Corey & Perry Are Brothers Is OMFG

perry big little lies This Big Little Lies Theory That Claims Corey & Perry Are Brothers Has Us In Shambles

The series finale for Big Little Lies is legit days away, and we are not ready for how it’s all going to end. Now, a Big Little Lies fan theory that Corey and Perry are brothers is making its rounds on the internet and at this point, we’re about to get back in bed. So […]

‘Game of Thrones’: Tyrion & Bran Theory

game of thrones tyrion hbo Tyrion Knew About Danys Diabolical Plan —According to This Game Of Thrones Theory

Our watch has ended, and this Game of Thrones theory about Tyrion Lannister and Bran Stark–proves that the last-living Lannister knew about Daenerys Targaryen’s diabolical plan all along. During the penultimate episode of GoT–“The Bells” we didn’t think things would pan out as they did. With an exhausted and thin army–Dany marched into King’s Landing with […]

‘Game of Thrones’: Arya Stark & Grey Worm Theory

jacob anderson game of thrones This Arya & Grey Worm Game of Thrones Theory Is Life Changing

Mk. So we’ve basically been waiting of all of Season 8 for Arya to use her face swapping skills. She went through ALL of that training and we’ve only seen her do it like, twice? This new Game of Thrones theory about Arya and Grey Worm might mean we’ll experience some trickery after all! Fans […]