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Scammers Create Fake Coronavirus Testing Site & Charge $240 For A β€œTest” (Video)

There’s a new scam going around the United States – fake coronavirus testing sites. Scammers are creating “pop-up” COVID-19 testing sites, which puport to offer quick results for cash. But the tests are fake. A medical marketing company set up makeshift testing sites outside various churches in Louisville, KY this weekend – with workers dressed […]

China & US To Test Potential Coronavirus Vaccine On Poor Africans!!

The Coronavirus epidemic is spreading all across the globe. And scientists need to find a vaccination fast, or else millions of people will die. Well, the United States and China have a plan – to test out their potential vaccines on human guinea pigs. And those human guinea pics are located in the Democratic Republic […]

Abbot Laboratories Produces Five-Minute Portable Coronavirus Test

A test that can detect the coronavirus in five minutes arrives this week. On Friday the FDA gave emergency authorization to Abbot Laboratories to begin mass producing what will be the fastest available molecular point-of-care test for COVID-19. As well as its speed, the other huge advantage is the samples can be read by the […]

NFL’s Ventell Bryant Arrest Video, Cop Says WR Bombed ‘Every Single’ DUI Test

Play video content Exclusive Dallas Cowboys WR Ventell Bryant took at least 3 DUI tests prior to his arrest this month — and cops say he bombed ALL OF THEM … and it’s all on police video obtained by TMZ Sports. Bryant was pulled over in Tampa, Fla. at around 2:30 AM on March 11 […]

Slim Thug Begs Young People to Take Pandemic Seriously After Positive Test

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Slim Thug is imploring folks in Houston — and young people everywhere — to start taking coronavirus seriously, and he hopes his diagnosis is a wake-up call. The H-town rapper joined us Wednesday on “TMZ Live” and told us too many people in his hometown are taking the pandemic lightly, […]

Prince Charles Has Coronavirus: Did Camilla Also Test Positive?

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On the mend. Prince Charles has coronavirus. The Prince Wales tested positive for COVID-19, Clarence House confirmed on Wednesday, March 25. A representative for Clarence House, the royal residence that he and his wife, Camlla, Duchess of Cornwall, live in, revealed that the Prince of Wales has been β€œworking from home” since he learned of […]

Heidi Klum Finally Reveals Coronavirus Test Results

Fans have been wondering for over a week now if Heidi Klum had contracted the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) after the model and reality star left a taping of “America’s Got Talent” earlier this month with cold-like symptoms, causing “Modern Family” star Eric Stonestreet to fill in for her temporarily. After revealing on Monday that Tom […]

Chrissy Teigen Tweets Graphic Description of Birth After Trump Complains About COVID-19 Test

Chrissy Teigen brought out the big guns in her latest burn of President Donald Trump. On Sunday, the model, 34, took to Twitter to slam 45 after he recently complained about taking the coronavirus test, saying there is “nothing pleasant about it.” In response Teigen shared a very graphic description of one of her most […]

American Idol Recap Season 18, Episode 7: Duets Put Real-Life Couples to the Test

It’s a whole new Hollywood Week on “American Idol” and we are absolutely loving this new Duets Round, replacing the Group Round of years past. The spotlight shined far brighter on both sides of each partnership, but it also exposed weaknesses even more. And it cost us more of our early favorites from the audition […]

2 LA Lakers Players Test Positive For Coronavirus, More To Be Tested

Breaking News 4:49 PM PT — Boston Celtics star Marcus Smart just posted a vid on social media announcing he has tested positive for COVID-19 … despite not showing any symptoms. “I’m okay, I feel fine. I don’t feel any of the symptoms,” Smart said in the video Smart pleads with viewers to continue to […]