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Regina King: I Try To Be Careful About Telling People To ‘Stay Home’ During COVID-19

Hollywood actress Regina King is trying her best to social distance, but she says that she tries to be careful not to tell people to “stay at home” during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Because at the end of the day, the reality is the reality. There’s not going to be a vaccine anytime soon,” King explained […]

Rapper Arrested For Telling His Followers To KILL Police Officers!!


An up and coming Florida rapper named Ace $wift, has been arrested and charged with threatening a police officer. Ace $wift, real name Cale Groff, 20, posted this message on his Instagram page, which currently has 7,200 followers: β€œIf you see a police, stop and shoot him, kill him. Throw a brick at his head […]

Leaked Audio Appears To Show NYPD Telling Officers To ‘Shoot Those Motherf*ckers’

Leaked audio from an NYPD scanner appears to show officers being ordered to shoot protesters and run them over. As an officer describes the scene over the radio, they are ordered to “Shoot those motherf*ckers” and to “Run them over,” — before a voice quickly chimes in and tell them not to put that over […]

ANTM’s Dani Evans Speaks Out After Video of Tyra Banks Telling Her to Close Tooth Gap Goes Viral

Jay Manuel and Miss J Alexander also address the recent show backlash and what they’ve dubbed #GapGate. “America’s Next Top Model” made headlines for all the wrong reasons earlier this week, after old clips from the reality show were resurfaced by fans accusing it of fat-shaming, promoting blackface and pressuring models to have cosmetic surgery […]

Woman Arrested & Charged After Telling 911 Her ‘P*ssy’ Was ‘On Fire’

A woman from Ohio was arrested and charged after she called 911 and claimed that the emergency was that her “p*ssy was on fire.” Katrina Morgan, 50, placed the called to 911 late Saturday evening to report that her “p*ssy was on fire” and that she needed someone from the fire department to “put it […]

Security Guard KILLED For Telling Woman To Wear Mask Inside Family Dollar!


Calvin Munerlyn, aΒ security guard for the Family Dollar store in Flint, Michigan was shot and killed on Saturday, MTO News has learned, for telling a woman to put on a face mask before entering store.Β  Calvin Munerlyn aka “Big Duper” was working security at the store and did not allow a woman to enter the […]

NYC Woman Stabbed by Roommate for Telling Her to Stop Drinking So Much

An NYC woman says she was almost stabbed to death by her roommate … and it was all because of boozing during quarantine. The victim’s name is Tatiana Nazarinova — an Upper East Side resident who was living with 27-year-old Daria Alyabyeva amid the lockdown. On April 19, Tatiana was repeatedly stabbed and damn-near died […]

Teacher Investigated For Allegedly Telling Students to ‘Die’ For Playing Football

Breaking News “I hope both of you get the coronavirus! I hope you both die a long, painful death!” A woman went nuclear on students playing football in a closed park Thursday in New Jersey — wishing death upon them — Β and school officials are now investigating over reports the woman is a high school […]

Megyn Kelly Broke Down Crying Telling Son His Teacher Died of Coronavirus

Megyn Kelly recalled the heartbreaking moment she let her son know his teacher died from the coronavirus. During an interview with People, the TV anchor, 49, opened up about the experience after she learned the news that her 10-year-old son Edward Yates’ music teacher had passed from COVID-19 on April 7, and she and her […]

RHOBH’ s Erika Jayne Thinks Brandi Glanville Is Telling The Truth About Denise Richards Hookup

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne has admitted that she believes that Brandi Glanville’s claims that she hooked up with cast member Denise Richards are “truthful.” “I know Brandi through Yolanda and I know that Yolanda always thought Brandi was truthful and my interactions with Brandi have been very straightforward and I don’t […]