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Barack Obama Endorses Joe Biden for President, Tees off on Trump

Breaking News Former President Barack Obama waited until the dust settled among all the Democratic presidential candidates, but he’s fully throwing his support behind Joe Biden now. Obama opened a video message with an uplifting sentiment about the fight against coronavirus and gave a thank you to those on the frontlines. He then transitioned to […]

Nordstrom Sale Tops April 2020: 15 Cute Blouses and Tees to Snag Now


Getting dressed during these unprecedented times is a definitely a challenge. More often than not, you probably find yourself throwing on an old tee from third grade or a sweatshirt you’ve worn three times already this week. There’s no shame—Wear whatever makes you comfortable. But when you’re trying to figure out how to stay at […]

12 Best Graphic Tees from Forever 21 That Say It Like You Mean It

Scroll To See More Images Sponsored by Forever 21 There’s a time and a place for plain white tees, but there’s also something to be said for a bolder graphic tee that literally makes a statement. Forever 21 is the king of budget tees, so much so that you can wear a different phrase depending […]

Nostalgic Graphic Tees to Add Some Retro Flavor to Your Wardrobe

Scroll To See More Images For whatever reason, I associate summertime with nostalgia, in all of its many manifestations and forms, and this just so happens to include my sartorial preferences as well. Retro graphic tees are one warm-weather staple that I find to be not only charming, but they’re also surprisingly versatile when it […]

Ring In Warm Weather With Ban.do’s Cute New Tees

Scroll To See More Images As if I ever needed anything to make me want summer more than I already do, ban.do’s new summer-inspired graphic tees have me counting down the days (no, minutes) until summertime. I never really realized that a cute graphic tee could elicit such strong feelings about summer, but these ban.do tees seriously […]

37 of the Cutest Spring Tees Money Can Buy

Scroll To See More Images I’ve never been much of a tee-and-jeans girl. Typically, I’ve favored tailored button-downs, structured pants and loose-fitting blazers—no matter the season. But something about spring always inspires me to unleash the tee-lover within, leaving me in need of adorable spring tees at basically all times. (I’m sad to report that […]