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Active Shooters in Texas Using Mail Van to Randomly Target Motorists

Breaking News 3:16 PM PT — According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, one suspect is in custody after 13 people were shot. It’s unclear if this suspect was the mail van driver, or the Toyota truck driver. The extent of injuries on the ground is also unclear at this point. Police in Texas […]

New Target Beauty August 2019 Products Include Butt Masks and Acne Patches

Scroll To See More Images Last week, I waltzed into Target without a shopping list in hand. Instead, my goal was to simply kill time while waiting for a friend. Instead, I somehow walked out the door with two bags of things I absolutely did not need. This is the gift and curse of everyoneโ€™s […]

‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star Madison Hildebrand Latest Target in Dubai Scam

Exclusive TMZ.com ‘Million Dollar Listing L.A.’ star Madison Hildebrand came THIS close to putting pen to paper for a $300k deal to speak at a conference in Dubai … but like with Dog the Bounty Hunter, it was a total scam. One of Malibu’s most sought after real estate agents tells TMZ … he got […]

Steve Kerr Fears Warriors Practice Could Be Target After Latest Massacres

Breaking News Getty Steve Kerr says he’s legitimately fearful a shooter could walk into Warriors practice and start “spraying” him and the team … after the latest massacres in Dayton and El Paso. “I think about it all the time,” the Golden State head coach said this week. “Somebody could walk in the door in […]

Ethique Target Launch Is Entirely Waste-Free Haircare

ethique shampoo

Even if you recycle religiously, do your best to stay away from single-use plastic and always take a tote bag to the grocery store, itโ€™s pretty hard to live super environmentally cautious. Sure, you say no to a water bottle but what about your shampoo bottle? Ethique is a new line at Target thatโ€™s trying […]

Dr. Pimple Popper Target Launch Will Save Your Skin

slmd cleanser

As if you needed another reason for a Target run, thereโ€™s a new (well, new to Target) skincare line there you might want to take a second look at. Dr. Pimple Popperโ€™s SLMD Skincare line is now available at the retail giant. So, if youโ€™re a fan of dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee (you know, her […]

LAPD Says Nipsey Hussle Not Target in Marathon Gang Investigation

Exclusive TMZ Nipsey Hussle was not going to be prosecuted for any type of gang activity at the time of his death … the LAPD was trying to curb gang activity in and around his store, but he was never the target, according to law enforcement sources. As TMZ and the New York Times reported, […]

Target Deal Days Sale 2019 | 29 Home Decor Items You Need in Your Life

Scroll To See More Images OK, guys, Iโ€™m moving apartment in a couple weeks, so my brain has been truly in home decor mode and home decor modeย only. All I can think about is how to spruce up my new abode without breaking the bank, and I have just hit the freakinโ€™ jackpot. Targetโ€™s โ€œDeal […]

Target Deal Days Sale 2019 | 26 Clothing Items Worth Snagging, ASAP

Scroll To See More Images We all know Mondays are typically the worst day of the week, but not today, baby. There are too many incredible Internet sales happening right now to even care that itโ€™s the beginning of the work week. Of course, included in this Monday madness is the impeccable Target โ€œDeal Daysโ€ […]

New Target Beauty July 2019 Products Are Summery Skincare Essentials

Scroll To See More Images Target is the gift that keeps on giving and in 2019, its beauty section the main attraction. So much so, that every time I walk into a store to get one thing that will inevitably turn into ten, Iโ€™m completely distracted by a new product in the hair or makeup […]