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A$AP Rocky’s Swedish Jail Open To Letting Him Perform For Inmates

Exclusive TMZ.com A$AP Rocky says he would love to perform for the people he was locked up with in a Swedish jail, but has his doubts it would ever happen … however the facility could actually grant his wish. The Swedish Prison and Probation Service tells TMZ … they haven’t received any formal request from […]

A$AP Rocky’s First Swedish Lawyer Shot in Apparent Ambush

Exclusive Details TMZ The lawyer who initially represented A$AP Rocky in his Swedish assault case was shot by someone who appears to have been lying in wait for him … TMZ has learned. We’re told Henrik Olsson Lilja was leaving his apartment building early Friday morning in downtown Stockholm when a gunman walked up to […]

A$AP Rocky’s First Performance Since Swedish Arrest Was Heartfelt, Hyped

Play video content TMZ.com A$AP Rocky‘s first live show since his arrest overseas proves he still has swagger, showmanship and bravado — but he’s also been humbled, and his fired-up fans gave Sweden an earful. Rocky performed Sunday at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA, where he was headlining the annual Real Street Festival — […]

A$AP Rocky Will Not Testify in Swedish Assault Trial

Exclusive TMZ A$AP Rocky has a story to tell about why he attacked the aggressive guy who unrelentingly harassed him and his crew … but he’s going to let others do the talking because TMZ has learned his plan is NOT to take the stand in his assault case. Our Rocky sources tell TMZ … […]

Machine Gun Kelly Cancels Swedish Fish Until A$AP Rocky’s Released

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Machine Gun Kelly wants to send a message to Sweden about the way it’s treating A$AP Rocky by hitting the country where it hurts — candy sales, baby. The “I Think I’m OKAY” rapper seems pretty frickin’ far from okay with what’s happening with Rocky, whose trial for assault started […]

A$AP Rocky Fan Arrested After Threatening to Blow Up Swedish Embassy

TMZ A$AP Rocky has fans here in the States going to bat for him — but one chick might’ve taken it too far after she was arrested for storming the Swedish Embassy in D.C. … and allegedly threatened to blow it up. A woman named Rebecca Kanter was arrested on Tuesday after she allegedly caused […]

A$AP Rocky Won’t Raise Race Issue in Swedish Assault Case

Exclusive TMZ A$AP Rocky says race is not an issue in his arrest or detention, TMZ has learned … but the reality is, he has to say that. There’s certainly plenty of smoke … as we reported, G-Eazy — a white rapper — was arrested in Sweden for assault and cocaine possession, yet he only […]

A$AP Rocky Faces Backlash by Swedish Prosecutors

Exclusive TMZ A$AP Rocky may actually be in even more peril as he lingers in a Swedish jail BECAUSE the U.S. government tried to help him. The prosecutor has shown no sympathy for A$AP, despite the fact that the person he is accused of assaulting assaulted him first, and it’s all on video. Nevertheless, sources […]

Swedish Prosecutors in A$AP Rocky Want Him in Jail and Want to Indict

TMZ A$AP Rocky is going to be indicted  … that’s what prosectors just said in a press release — so what makes this bizarre case even more bizarre and abusive, they say they want him to stay in jail because they still need to investigate to figure out what happened on the streets of Sweden. […]

Quavo Says A$AP Rocky’s Not Alone, Swedish Cops Abused Him Too

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Quavo will think twice and maybe three times before ever stepping foot on Swedish soil again, because he says he — just like A$AP Rocky — was abused by Swedish cops. We got Quavo early Wednesday in WeHo leaving Bootsy Bellows, and the Migos star shared something he’s never talked […]