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A$AP Rocky Performs in Sweden, Preaches ‘Love and Unity’ in Stage ‘Jail Cell’

Play video content TMZ.com 1:30 PM PT — Rocky’s first show back in Sweden is going swimmingly … and the rapper’s brought a theme of love and unity. He’s clearly very appreciative of everyone showing up for him, and it seems like they’re all on board with his message. It doesn’t look like he’s forgotten […]

A$AP Rocky Says He’s Going Back to Sweden to Help Immigrants, Mum on Trump

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com A$AP Rocky says his time behind bars in Sweden is exactly why he’s returning to that country — which seems insane — but he’s on a mission to help the inmates and immigrants he met there. We got the rapper Tuesday evening outside the swanky Rick Owens clothing store in […]

A$AP Rocky Returning to Sweden for Show Months After Being Jailed There

Breaking News TMZ/Getty Composite A$AP Rocky is heading back to the danger zone — aka, Sweden, where he was jailed and convicted of assault over the summer. The rapper’s set to return to Stockholm, Sweden on December 11 for a show at the Ericsson Globe that will include other Swedish artists, yet to be announced. […]

A$AP Rocky Found Guilty in Sweden Assault Case But Won’t Do Time

Breaking News TMZ.com A$AP Rocky did not beat the rap in Sweden, because the judges in his assault case have found him guilty … but he will NOT have to go to prison. The 4 judges in the case issued their written ruling Wednesday … with the conclusion A$AP was guilty of assaulting a man […]

LL Cool J Says A$AP Rocky Needs to ‘Negotiate’ with Sweden

Play video content Exclusive LionsShareNews.com LL Cool J has a lot of sympathy for A$AP Rocky, but says if he’s convicted in Swedish court of assault, he can’t go on the lamb. LL was at LAX Friday and made one point clear … if he were in A$AP’s shoes and got a guilty verdict, he […]

A$AP Rocky Returns to U.S. from Sweden and He’s Ecstatic

Play video content Exclusive LionsShareNews/TheImageDirect.com A$AP Rocky was downright gleeful after touching down on U.S. soil Saturday just after midnight … free for the first time in a month. A$AP’s private jet touched down at LAX after a long flight from Sweden … this after the judges in his criminal case allowed him to leave […]

A$AP Rocky’s Never Going Back to Sweden

Exclusive TMZ A$AP Rocky‘s saying good riddance to Sweden FOR GOOD and never looking back … assuming everything goes according to plan. Rocky left Sweden hours after the judges in his assault case decided to let him out of jail while they noodle on their decision, which is expected on August 14. A$AP returned to […]

A$AP Rocky Pleads Not Guilty as Trial Begins in Sweden

Breaking News TMZ A$AP Rocky is finally getting his day in court … entering a not guilty plea in a Swedish court, and his family’s also there showing support. A$AP’s mother, Renee Black, was escorted through the crowd of reporters, photographers and onlookers outside the Stockholm courthouse Tuesday morning. Once the trial began, the rapper’s […]

President Trump Rips Sweden over A$AP Rocky Case

TMZ President Trump is sticking up for A$AP Rocky by dressing down the Swedish Prime Minister … the Prez says he’s very disappointed Sweden’s leader didn’t step in to help A$AP skirt an assault charge. POTUS just went on a Twitter tantrum against the European nation and its government … demanding the Swedes give A$AP […]

A$AP Rocky Charged With Aggravated Assault in Sweden

TMZ A$AP Rocky has been charged with a crime after spending weeks in a Swedish jail … prosecutors just hit him with one count of Assault Causing Actual Bodily Harm stemming from a street brawl in the country’s capital .. and if convicted he could spend years behind bars. The prosecutor said A$AP will continue […]