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Summer Walker Gets BOOED Out Of NJ Nightclub!!!


Summer Walker’s tumultuous relationship with her fans seems to be on going. Last night, the talented R&B singer was booed out of a New Jersey nightclub – and it was bad. At one point in the evening, the crowd was so upset with the singer, that she had to be escorted out of the club […]

Summer Walker Walks Off Stage In The Middle Of Concert!! (Video)

Summer Walker just walked off the stage in the middle of her concert – leaving thousands of paying customers wondering what happened. Summer has been behaving strangely recently. She’s cancelled dozens of shows – and has swerved hundreds of fans who wanted to take pictures with the singer. Now she’s walking off stage – in […]

Summer Walker Goes On Live – Curses Out ‘Bullies’!! (Video)

Summer Walker’s public breakdown continues. A few moments ago she went on Instagram Live, and went on an expletive filled rant against people criticizing her recent behavior. Watch: Here are the cliff notes on what she said: First, she addresses the fact that she’s getting “bullied”. Summer says that feels “hurt” that people think that […]

Summer Walker 3 Hours Late To Concert – ‘Crying’ Backstage!!

R&B singer Summer Walker is really spiraling out of control. The R&B singer had fans in Toronto fuming – after she started her concert nearly 3 hours late. And according to a person in the know – Summer was late because she was “crying hysterically back stage.” An insider told MTO News, “Summer was crying […]

R&Bs Summer Walker Has Nervous Breakdown – Goes Outside In Panties!!

R&B singer Summer Walker is slowly falling apart before our very eyes. Here’s the video of Summer outside wearing just a t-shirt and panties Summer, who is considered the #1 breakout artist of 2019, has been acting very strangely – ever since she gained fame. She’s been criticized for her behavior towards fans. When she […]

Twitter Claims That Summer Walker Is A WITCH – It’s Trending!!


R&B singer Summer Walker is being called a “witch” on Twitter, and it’s really taking off. Today #SummerIsAWitch was the #1 trending topic in the world for nearly an hour. Summer Walker exploded onto the music scene last year, and her album – which was released in January, has already sold millions of units.Β  But […]

Summer Walker CANCELS Tour Because Of ‘Anxiety’!! (Video)

R&B singer Summer Walker has officially cancelled her tour. She went on Instagram today and announced that she is cancelling her current tour because of “anxiety.” According to Summer, she plans on doing “some” of the tour dates. But she didn’t specify which tour dates she plans on honoring. Summer’s abrupt announcement comes just days […]

Summer Walker Wears EXTREME Waist Trainer – Now Has 20 Inch Waist!!


R&B singer Summer Walker is currently going viral on social media – for wearing an “extreme” waist trainer. Walker proudly wears her waist trainer and now has an unnaturally small 20 inch waist. Waist trainers, popular amongst Instagram models and now women at large, are dangerous – especially the extremely tight ones. Studies have shown […]

Fan Blasts Summer Walker For Being ‘Scammer’ At Meet & Greet!!!


Summer Walker is being accused of behaving very badly at a Meet & Greet. And one of her fans is suggesting that the R&B singer was “scamming” her fans. The fan paid hundreds of dollars to attend Summer’s concert and then have a Meet & Greet afterwards. But according to the fan, the Meet & […]

Summer Walker QUITS The Industry: ‘People Got This Fame Sh*t F*cked Up!!’

Summer Walker hopped onto her social media over the weekend to announce that she is quitting the music industry once her tour is over. “Na fr though I’ve decided y’all don’t deserve me lol I knew from day one I was to real for this sh*t,” she wrote on Instagram. “Y’all can have the music […]