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Trendy Summer Bags to Shop, Based on Your Myers-Briggs

Scroll To See More Images Fans of personality tests know the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator—known by many as the MBTI—is basically the holy grail of personality psychology. For decades, the MBTI has been consulted for everything from professional assessment to relationship compatibility. And yet I put it to you that its greatest triumph is still ahead, […]

Best Summer Bags 2019 | 63 Cute Bags to Shop

Scroll To See More Images Don’t @ me when I say this, but summer bags are kind of a nuisance. During the summer, all you want to do is bask in the sunlight, frolic around the park and find excuses to go to the beach—at least, that’s all I want to do. And all these genuinely […]

23 Cute AF Vacation-Ready Bags for Under $100

Scroll To See More Images I don’t know about you, but all I can think about right now is sitting in a cabana on the beach, soaking in the rays and drinking a strawberry daiquiri. With summer quickly approaching, I’ve got serious vacation brain, and I’ve decided to get myself prepared for any weekend (or, […]