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President Trump’s Press Secretary Suggests Reporters Don’t Believe in God

Play video content FOX News President Trump‘s Press Secretary said out loud today … she senses White House correspondents don’t much believe in God, for daring to ask her why the President is defying some governors who do not want churches open this weekend because of the pandemic. Friday’s White House briefing was a s*** […]

Gabrielle Union Describes Old Self As A ‘Thot’ – Rapper Maino Suggests They Dated!!

Gabrielle Union claims that before she settled down with her current husband Dwyane Wade, she was a “thot.” Shortly after Gabrielle made those comments about herself (listen to video above), rapper Maino posted a pic of the two holding hands. Look at Maino’s pic: This image is going viral, particularly after Gabrielle’s revelation during an […]

Nicki Minaj BLASTS Beyonce In New Song – Suggests Jay Z Still Cheats!!


Nicki Minaj is gearing up for one of the biggest wars in the history of female entertainers. According to two people close to Nicki, she’s looking to start beef with Beyonce. MTO News spoke with one of Nicki’s friends, who explains how Nicki and Beyonce’s relationship is not the best.  According to Nicki’s friend, Nicki […]

Men’s Clothing Store in WeHo Suggests Face Coverings the Next Hot Accessory

Exclusive Masks … so hot right now, so make sure you get one that makes ya look good out there in the middle of a global pandemic. That’s what a trendy menswear store in West Hollywood seems to be suggesting with its display of mannequin men sporting face coverings in the front window of the […]

President Trump Suggests UV Rays and Bleach as Possible COVID-19 Treatment

Play video content Fox News President Trump has a few ideas about how to treat COVID-19 patients — based on some promising lab findings — but the scientists around him ain’t so sure. The Prez played amateur M.D. during Thursday’s coronavirus task force briefing … after Bill Bryan — Science Director for Dept. Homeland Security […]

Trump’s Retweet Suggests He’s Considering Firing Fauci Amid Coronavirus Flak

President Trump hit the retweet button on a call to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci — which seems to indicate a growing rift between Trump and his pandemic right-hand man. Trump’s promotion of a #FireFauci tweet comes in response to the infectious disease expert’s CNN interview Sunday … where he said the U.S might have prevented […]

Mike Huckabee Suggests Replacing Toilet Paper with Corn on the Cob

Mike Huckabee has a solution for the toilet paper shortage being experienced across the country — wipe up with Mother Nature’s own stockpile … straight from the cornfield! The former Arkansas governor tweeted out the bizarre advice, saying people should simply turn to the crafty crop for their bathroom needs. He wrote, “Those of us […]

Pete Wentz Suggests What NOT to Stock Up on Amid Coronavirus

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Pete Wentz says people running to their local grocery stores for toilet paper and water are not just screwing themselves (and others) … they’re also not thinking ahead. The Fall Out Boy bassist gave us his take on the chaos surrounding coronavirus lately — including folks stockpiling crucial supplies and […]

Donald Trump Suggests Postponing Tokyo 2020 Olympics Over Coronavirus

Play video content Breaking News President Donald Trump has suggested Olympic officials postpone the 2020 Games in Tokyo over coronavirus fears … saying it’s better to delay than perform without crowds. Trump — along with Ireland’s prime minister, Leo Varadkar — were taking questions from the media about the global COVID-19 pandemic … when POTUS […]

Lori Harvey Suggests She Started As Future’s Side Chick & Worked Her Way Up!!


Lori Harvey and Future have been dating exclusively now for the past 9 months. But Lori revealed that she and Future were in each other’s lives – for the past two years. According to Lori, Future bought her a dog – two years ago. She even posted receipts, look: That’s an interesting timeline. Because two […]