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Idris Elba Suggest Taking A Week In Quarantine Every Year To Commemorate COVID-19 Pandemic

Idris Elba is a survivor of the deadly coronavirus, and now the British actor says that he thinks that the world should spend a week in quarantine every year to commemorate the global pandemic. “You know, everyone’s sort of feeling the way we have been feeling, but it has definitely been sort of just a […]

‘Tiger King’ Odds Suggest Kevin Bacon Likeliest to Play Joe in Movie

Exclusive Even online gamblers are sinking their claws into the ‘Tiger King’ — and bookies have a strong hunch about who should don the mullet and leg brace in a feature film. The oddsmakers at SportsBetting.ag have a list of A-listers they want folks to place bets on to play Joe Exotic … who’s become […]

New Pics Of Raven Symone Suggest May Be Transitioning To A Man!!!

Actress and talk show host Raven Symone is going viral today. There are social media reports suggesting that Raven may be transitioning into a male. Raven has been open about her LGBTQ status for years. But it’s not clear which letter (LGBT or Q) she’s a part of. Initially Raven came out as bisexual. Then, […]

Harry and Meghan Betting Odds Suggest Pregnancy, Politics

Exclusive TMZ/Getty Composite Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s stunning decision to step down as senior members of the Royal Family doesn’t just have The Queen reeling … it’s shaken up the betting world. Those looking for some action following the royal shake-up will find plenty of wagering options thanks to oddsmakers at US-Bookies.com … but […]

Ben Carson’s daily schedules suggest he’s not exactly burning the midnight oil over at HUD

That said, it’s generally been better when Carson refrains from talking. The results of Freedom of Information Act requests for Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson’s daily schedules are finally in. It’s not clear why a FOIA request was even neededΒ to retrieve the work schedules of a taxpayer-funded office headed by a taxpayer-funded federal […]