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Myers-Briggs’ Worst Dating Habits | StyleCaster

Scroll To See More Images Here’s a fun news flash for you: We (literally all of us) are terrible at dating. If you can find me one person who is good at showing up to a bar and exchanging get-to-know-you small talk with a stranger for 1.5 hours while laughing the exact correct amount and […]

Haus Laboratories Makeup Review | StyleCaster

Scroll To See More Images Out of all the new celebrity makeup brands, Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories is one of, if not the, most buzzy. After her big launch party last week in Los Angeles, CA, Gaga’s first-ever beauty line went live on Amazon. Fans and YouTubers have been loving the edgy liquid eyeshadow shades […]

Best Hair Color-Enhancing Shampoos | StyleCaster

Scroll To See More Images Summer can wreak havoc on color-treated hair, whether you’re a balayaged, beachy blonde, a vibrant redhead, or a rich chestnut brunette. The summer presents the perfect storm of color-fading elements: increased sun exposure, chlorine, salt water, wind, and amplified heat. Incorporating a richly pigmented color-enhancing shampoo can help you push […]

Best Scalp Massager Shower Brushes | StyleCaster

The Science Behind Scalp Massagers & Hair Growth 

Scroll To See More Images Whether you were born with thin hair or are suffering from acute hair loss due to stress, the natural aging process or a bad hair cut, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all cure for treating hair loss. While there are plenty of treatments, supplements, vitamins and biotin-infused hair care products that can […]

Best Sleeping Masks For Jet Lag | StyleCaster

These Sleeping Masks Will Erase The Aftermath of Jet Lag From Your Face Overnight

Travelling poses a number of downsides when it comes to the state of our overall wellbeing, from over-exhaustion due to early flights, the 50-50 chance of catching an illness thanks to re-circulated air in the plane’s germ-laden cabin, extreme dehydration, and compromised diets thanks to airports’ notoriously scant offering of healthy dining options. And, if […]

Best Long Lasting Setting Sprays | StyleCaster

These Setting Sprays Actually Extend The Life of Your Makeup

Scroll To See More Images Summer is just around the corner, and while we couldn’t be more excited, warmer weather and amplified humidity means sweatier skin and melted makeup that just won’t stay put. Of course, even in the colder seasons (and especially if you have oily skin) taking the measures to ensure a touch-up-free […]

Best Round Brushes For Blow Drying | StyleCaster

These Round Brushes Are The Key Ingredient to Achieving a Salon-Level Blowout at Home

We’ve all experienced the dreaded post-salon battle of trying to preserve the gorgeous blowout courtesy of your stylist’s masterful hands that you can just never seem to recreate at home. Regardless of how many tutorials you watch and countless trial-and-error attempts to re-invent that coveted, not-too-voluminous yet not-too-flat level of volume, it seems entirely impossible […]

Best ‘Harry Potter’ Movie | StyleCaster

harry potter prisoner of azkaban Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Is The Best Potter Movie, Dont @ Us

You can be mad if you want to, but Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is the best Harry Potter movie. Before you get your knickers knotted in a ball, we wouldn’t just make that sort of declaration without having receipts. To begin we get it; we realize that the film, which was helmed […]

Best Queer Films 2019 | StyleCaster

Scroll To See More Images Pride Month is here, and it’s time to celebrate the many wonderful and nuanced stories centering the LGBTQ community. If you are looking for queer movies you may have missed this year, look no further than this list! Now more than ever, films studios are producing LGBTQ themed movies with […]

‘Ma’: Movie Spoilers | StyleCaster

ma movie review WTF Is Going On With Ma?

A good thriller movie with elements of horror needs the right cast, some intriguing suspense, and a compelling backstory that reveals a bit about the villain’s motivation. Ma has several of these elements. Set in small-town Ohio, the film follows Sue Ellen (Octavia Spencer), a lonely veterinary assistant who randomly befriends a group of teens […]