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Ryan Reynolds Shocked to Learned Stephen Colbert Auditioned for Saved by the Bell

Imagine being told you’re too “over the top” to play Screech on “Saved by the Bell” — because that’s exactly what happened to Stephen Colbert. The late night host had Ryan Reynolds on his talk show Wednesday night, where the “Deadpool” actor spilled on his first audition. The conversation led to quite the revelation from […]

Stephen Colbert Opts ‘Not to Wear a Suit from the Waist Down’ for At-Home Monologue

“My wife didn’t see me do that,” Stephen Colbert said after a quick glance off-camera following his surprising reveal of the results of Monday night’s #SuitOrNoSuit social media poll. The “Late Night” host, who has begun presenting a full show from his home, polled his viewers on whether or not he should bother to continue […]

Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert and Kimmel Offer At-Home Monologues

Fans wondering how they would get by without new late-night shows during the coronavirus pandemic might just need to shift their attention online. After Stephen Colbert offered a bathtub monologue on Monday night, Jimmys Fallon and Kimmel joined him with web-only monologues from their own homes on Tuesday. While we probably won’t cover what they’re […]

Mel B’s Ex Stephen Belafonte Wants Full Custody Of Their Daughter

Exclusive TMZ.com Mel B‘s ex-husband is fresh off a major court victory but again he’s coming for a pound of flesh in his custody war with the Spice Girl. Stephen Belafonte‘s asking the court to grant him full legal and physical custody of their 8-year-old daughter, Madison, claiming Mel B’s all but abandoned her after […]

Stephen Amell Suffers Panic Attack, Cutting Arrow Interview Short

Stephen Amell heroically returned to the set of a severe panic attack to finish what he’d started, taking to Twitter to promote his unexpectedly two-part interview with “Smallville” star Michael Rosenbaum. The “Arrow” star began the interview less than a month from wrapping his eight-season run on The CW’s smash hit “Arrow” series, and it […]

Bradley Whitford Says Stephen King’s Diversity Oscar Tweet is Ignorant

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Bradley Whitford is calling out Stephen King for his color-blind approach to Oscar voting, saying it’s ignorant and underestimates one HUGE advantage they both have: WHITE. We talked to the ‘West Wing’ vet Wednesday at LAX about King’s controversial tweet, reacting to movie fans and critics pissed about this year’s […]

Sheriff Alex Villanueva Weighs in on Stephen Dorff’s Deputy Show

There’s a new sheriff in town as Stephen Dorff lights up the small screen in his show “Deputy,” which debuted earlier this month. And Los Angeles County’s real life sheriff, Alex Villanueva, gave the 4-1-1 on how the FOX drama measures up to the daily grind of protecting and serving a county of around 10 […]

Sheriff of Los Angeles Alex Villanueva Weighs in on Stephen Dorff's New Deputy Show

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AT&T Shutting Down Audience Network Leaving Shows Like Stephen King’s ‘Mr. Mercedes’ Hanging

It was a grand experiment in original programming that is coming to an end, or will it perhaps live on elsewhere? AT&T announced on Wednesday that it was the end of the road for its Audience network. Rebranded after AT&T acquired DirecTV, Audience began broadcasting exclusive and original programming, including “Mr. Mercedes,” based on a […]

Colin Kaepernick’s Girlfriend BLASTS Jay Z & Stephen A. Smith!!!

This week NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told the press that the league was moving on from Colin Kaepernick, after they were unable to agree on terms for a scheduled workout in front of team owners. Also this week, ESPNs Stephen A. Smith gave an interview where he told reporters that he and Shawn “Jay Z” […]