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Coronavirus Triggers Millions Spent in Bunkers, Air Filtration Systems

Exclusive TMZ Composite The coronavirus has triggered the panicked to seek underground shelter and ride out the global pandemic … but that — plus the air they breathe — may cost them MILLIONS. TMZ spoke with some of the best bunker retailers in the biz, and they tell us business is usually slow this time […]

Feds Spent About $500k on Coveralls for Coronavirus Preparation

Exclusive TMZ/Getty Composite Uncle Sam’s been prepping for coronavirus worst-case scenarios since last month by stockpiling hazmat suits … nearly half a million dollars worth!!! TMZ did some digging into what the feds spent in February, specifically any items labeled for “coronavirus.” The Office of Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response allocated $449,000 for coveralls […]

Colin Kaepernick Spent Super Bowl Serving Meals and Suits to the Needy

Exclusive TMZ.com Colin Kaepernick didn’t spend his Super Bowl Sunday watching his old team lose the big game, instead, he gave back to the less fortunate. Kaepernick went to the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem on Sunday, spending over an hour with employees and touring the building. From there, he went […]

Love & Hiphop Apryl Spent Christmas – Sleeping On The Floor! (Shock Video)

Love & Hip Hop’s Apryl Jones’ life seems to be spiraling out of control. In a new video, she’s seen sleeping on someone’s floor – on Christmas. And her children do not appear to be with her. A blog leaked video showing Apryl celebrating Christmas with her friends. In the video, it appears that the […]

Rapper Young Buck Spent Christmas In An Overcrowded Jail!!

Former G-Unit rapper Young Buck did not have such a happy holiday as he reportedly spent the Christmas holiday in jail. According to Scoop Nashville, was jailed on December 20th in Cheatham County, Tennessee, and is currently held without bond on a felony fugitive from justice warrant. The rapper has been given a court date […]

Markelle Fultz Spent Summer At Kobe Bryant’s Athletic Facility, Met w/ Mamba

Exclusive Details Mamba Sports Academy Former #1 overall pick Markelle Fultz is desperately trying to salvage his NBA career … and he turned to Kobe Bryant for help, spending the summer at Mamba’s training facility. Fultz — who was drafted before NBA stars like Jayson Tatum, De’Aaron Fox and Donovan Mitchell — has seen his […]

He Spent Night – Pic – Hollywood Life

Tyler was spotted leaving Gigi’s apartment yet again, as the two models appear to be taking things to the next level! Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameronβ€˜s romance is getting sexier by the day! After the duo had back-to-back dates on August 4 and 5, Tyler was spotted leaving Gigi’s apartment the following morning. Tyler, 26, […]

WWE’s Mark Henry Spent Father’s Day Giving Haircuts to the Homeless

WWE’s Mark Henry Spent Father’s Day … Giving Haircuts to the Homeless 6/17/2019 3:11 PM PDT Exclusive Details WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry did a pretty cool thing on Sunday — organizing an event in his hometown of Austin, Texas to give haircuts and shaves to people in need.Β  Henry says he didn’t just […]