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Rep. Jackie Speier Demands Members of Congress Stop Sleeping in Offices

Exclusive More than 100 members of Congress are calling the Capitol their home … as in, they’re living and sleeping in their offices, and at least one member says they are risking the lives of other Members and staff in the middle of the pandemic, and is demanding they sleep elsewhere. Rep. Jackie Speier is […]

Rep. Jackie Speier Says Covid Positive Gohmert Still a Risk, He Sleeps in His Office

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Congresswoman Jackie Speier says Congressman Louie Gohmert, who tested positive for COVID19, is still a clear and present danger to Congress, because he lives in his congressional office, just like more than 100 of his colleagues. Rep. Speier tells TMZ, Gohmert was reckless all the way, saying he went to […]

Rep. Jackie Speier Has Paper Clip In Hair At Impeachment Hearing

Play video content Breaking News Fox News President Trump‘s impeachment hearing is turning into #paperclipgate … because Rep. Jackie Speier is addressing witnesses while a paper clip is stuck in her hair!!! Check out this wacky scene from Capitol Hill … the Congresswoman from California was thanking Bill Taylor and George Kent for their testimonies […]