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Soulja Boy’s Soap Company Triples Its Profits

The coronavirus is paying off for rapper Soulja Boy, as the star revealed that profits for his soap company have tripled. Soulja copped a franchise location in Mississippi last year with his manager, CEO Miami Mike — and business for The Soap Shop is booming, sources told TMZ. Our sources added that the store went […]

Soulja Boy Cleaning Up on Coronavirus with Soap Company Investment

Exclusive Getty/The Soap Shop Composite As coronavirus fears skyrocket and the stock market plummets … Soulja Boy‘s making a whole lot of money off a pretty clean gamble. Sources close to the rapper-turned-entrepreneur tell TMZ … he’s invested in a company called The Soap Shop — which, of course, sells soap products and the like. […]

Soulja Boy Says He’s Now Selling Dish Detergent

Following his release from jail a few months back, Soulja Boy had kept a fairly low profile, but this week he visited The Breakfast Club to speak about his new ventures — which include selling dish detergent. “Once you get into the music industry, you branch out, you know what I’m saying? Do different stuff, […]

Soulja Boy Sued for Alleged Assault, Assistant Sued for Sexual Battery

Breaking News TMZ.com The woman Soulja Boy describes as a bitter ex-GF is suing him over the alleged kidnapping and assault case that led to him doing time last year. Kayla Myers says she was partying with Soulja and co. at his Malibu home on Feb. 1, 2019 when she decided to leave at 2 […]

Soulja Boy Sued For Allegedly Pistol-Whipping Woman In The Head!!

Rapper Soulja Boy is reportedly being sued after a woman alleges that he pistol-whipped her in the head. According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Soulja was sued in Los Angeles Superior Court by a woman who claims that she had an on and off again “romantic” relationship with him for four years. In […]

Florida Rapper Baby Soulja Indicted For Murder!!

Florida rapper Baby Soulja is one of two men who are now facing serious charges in a deadly shooting that happened in May at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Savannah, GA. According to an indictment handed down Wednesday, Baby Soulja (real name Charles Doles) faces multiple charges, including malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, […]

Soulja Boy’s Gained 50 lbs. Since Doing Time, Quit Drugs and Alcohol

Exclusive TMZ/Getty Soulja Boy‘s new drip has a lot more weight behind it — 50 lbs. to be exact … a result of him focusing on getting his life together and staying clean. Soulja’s manager, Miami Mike, tells TMZ … the rapper started packing on the pounds after his last arrest, which led to him […]

Jake Paul Says Soulja Boy is Scared to Fight Him, ‘I’ll Revive Your Career’!!!

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com Jake Paul wants to beat the living dog snot out of Soulja Boy … but it’s not out of hate — it’s because the YouTube superstar wants to make him relevant again!!! TMZ Sports spoke with Paul about calling out Mr. “Pretty Boy Swag” for an epic celeb boxing match […]

Soulja Boy Making Huge Changes After Early Jail Release

Exclusive TMZ Soulja Boy is making some huge changes to his lifestyle following a stint in county jail … and that means shrinking his social circle and shying away from social media. Sources close to Soulja tell TMZ … his three months in L.A. County Jail served as an eye-opener, and now that he’s back […]

Soulja Boy Sued for Bailing on Alabama Gig in April

Exclusive TMZ Soulja Boy skipping a gig might prove costly … ’cause he’s now being sued. William Hicks claims Soulja was a no-show after he booked the rapper to perform back in April in Birmingham, AL. According to legal docs obtained by TMZ … promoter Hicks says he paid Soulja a deposit of nearly $9k […]