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Dame Dash Loses Lawsuit; Tells Judge: Lawyer Breath “smells like doo doo”

Dame Dash just lost a $300K lawsuit against a Los Angeles woman. But MTO News learned that before walking out of the court room, Dame made sure to tell the woman that her lawyer’s breath “smells like doo doo.” In 2019, author/producer Edwyna Brooks sued Dame back for copyright infringement. Edwyna claimed that she and […]

EOS Flavorlab 2.0 Collection Smells Like Therapy Should Feel: EXCLUSIVE

eos Flavorlab 2

Lip balm certainly won’t solve all of the world’s problems, but a certain smell or taste can easily become the aromatherapy that turns your day around in a matter of seconds. Such is the case with eos’s Flavorlab 2.0 collection, the second iteration of the #eosflavorlab created last year by a group of influencers across […]

Rapper OT Genasis: Keyshia Cole’s Feminine Area ‘Smells Like Fish’!!

Rapper OT Genasis and R&B singer Keyshia Cole have been embroiled in a “beef” for about a year now. And last night OT decided to step things up by saying that Keyshia Cole’s lady parts “smell like fish.”  (see video above) But OT didn’t disclose how he came to know that Keyshia Cole suffers from […]

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Candle That ‘Smells Like My Vagina’ Already Sold Out at Goop

As gimmicks go, it’s certainly one of the boldest and most provocative, but it demands your attention, too. And, bottom line, it absolutely worked as Gwyneth Paltrow’s newest candle scent appears to have sold out in a hurry. Released last week through Goop, the not-a-joke-at-all scent is called “This Smells Like My Vagina Candle.” Okay, […]

Abercrombie Fitch Fragrance Literally Smells Like High School

fierce new york

There are certain scents that evoke serious nostalgia the second you get a whiff. Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon is one (unless you were a Freesia person) and Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce fragrance is another. The latter is still around and smells like high school in the best way possible. Maybe there was someone you […]

Too Faced Gingerbread Collection Smells Good Enough to Eat

too faced body shimmer Don’t Leave These Too Faced Gingerbread Palettes In Your Kitchen

In case you weren’t excited enough about the holidays being right around the corner (too soon?), Too Faced is here to inject a dose of happiness into your life. There are a few scents that bring us all back to the most wonderful time of the year and gingerbread is one of the most delicious. […]

LeChat Mood Nail Polish Even Smells Like Coffee

lechat mood nail polish

If you were in middle school in the ’90s like I was, you were probably obsessed with mood rings. When it turned green, you told all your friends it meant you were happy (or envious? I can’t remember). Of course, the “magic” was in the temperature of the ring, which is how LeChat’s mood nail […]

Too Faced Tutti Frutti Watermelon Palette Smells Like a Jolly Rancher

too faced mascara

Though summer is winding down for a lot of us, it doesn’t mean all warm-weather makeup needs to go away. Pink and peach and gold eyeshadow still feel fresh going into fall, especially with a deeper hue acting as the pop-of-color. The new Too Faced Tutti Frutti Watermelon Face + Eyeshadow Breakway Palette has the […]