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Memorial Day Weekend Beauty Sales 2019

Scroll To See More Images We’re officially half way through 2019 and summer is almost here (finally). Each year, Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial launch of summer (technically, the first day isn’t until June 21), ushering in the new season of warm weather, longer days, a little less clothing, and plenty of opportunities to […]

How to Get Rid of Milia Bumps Without Visiting a Dermatologist

Scroll To See More Images Milia is is a somewhat under-the-radar skin condition that manifests itself in the form of small, hard bumps, usually under the eyes or the cheeks. I developed one under my left eye last year and had to do some major research on how to get rid of it. Given that […]

Summer Body Lotion That’s Lightweight and Still Hydrates

Scroll To See More Images Now that winter’s frigid temperatures and arid climates are officially behind us, the ultra-rich body moisturizer you relied on to avoid parched, flaking skin may leave you feeling sticky now that temperatures and humidity levels are swiftly on the rise. You’ve probably already swapped out your cold weather moisturizer for […]

Best Sunscreens 2019 According to Top Dermatologists

Scroll To See More Images Fun fact: Regardless of what Mother Nature is doing (including these endless rainstorms), wearing sunscreen is one of the most essential steps in skincare. Though it should go without saying, not only does is protect your skin from harsh UV rays, but it also helps minimize sunburn and age spots, […]

Strivectin Red Rover Little Lifters | StyleCaster

Scroll To See More Images In honor of Strivectin’s recent certification by PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program, the cruelty-free skincare brand is celebrating their commitment to advocating for animal welfare with their new Little Lifters kit, benefiting RedRover. RedRover is a non-profit organization that helps rescue animals in need by providing safety, shelter, and emotional […]

Retinol Alternative Products That Still Deliver Results

Scroll To See More Images I don’t need to extol the benefits of retinol (though I’m always happy to). Most of us already know the Vitamin A derivative is the ingredient most often name-dropped and recommended for getting the kind of skin that will make you feel better about going makeup-free. The only caveat for […]

Best Sleeping Masks For Jet Lag | StyleCaster

These Sleeping Masks Will Erase The Aftermath of Jet Lag From Your Face Overnight

Travelling poses a number of downsides when it comes to the state of our overall wellbeing, from over-exhaustion due to early flights, the 50-50 chance of catching an illness thanks to re-circulated air in the plane’s germ-laden cabin, extreme dehydration, and compromised diets thanks to airports’ notoriously scant offering of healthy dining options. And, if […]

Best Derma Rollers For Beginners | StyleCaster

These Beginner-Friendly Derma Rollers Help Stimulate Collagen Production For an Instant Glow

Microneedling has been a common an in-office procedure used by facialists and dermatologists for several years, but recently it’s become wildly popular in both in-home skin as well. Derma rolling is a type of microneddling process using a face roller designed with tiny needles to mildly poke the skin. While rubbing your face with needles […]

Self Tanner Sprays You Don’t Need Mitts to Use

Scroll To See More Images Come April or May, my only beauty-related concern is getting as glowy as possible with little to no effort. And as someone who doesn’t wear a full face of makeup every day, this is usually more challenging than I’d wish, simply because I know I’ll have to be ridiculously regimented […]

Vitamin C Skin Care Alternatives | StyleCaster

Scroll To See More Images Vitamin C skin sensitivity is fairly common, despite the lauded antioxidant’s reputation as the reigning champion in free radical defense and anti-aging super powers. It’s one of most effective anti-aging skin care actives you can use, whether you’re looking to fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation, improve firmness, soften fine lines, […]