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Neptune Opposition September 2019 Horoscope: How Each Sign Will Be Affected

Scroll To See More Images Hold onto your big juicy butts with BOTH HANDS because on Sept. 10, Neptune will reach opposition from the sun, bringing with it celestial intrigue and drama. But, wait, what does the sun opposite Neptune mean? Well, my friends, any time a planet is at or near opposition to the […]

Zodiac Signs as Exes: What Kind of Ex They Are, Based on Their Sign


Scroll To See More Images Dude, you know without pause what your ex’s zodiac sign is—and you can recall it without even having to remember that time they forgot about you at the bar on their birthday, too. Determining an ex’s star sign is like the innate ability white girls have of knowing every single […]

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus August 2019 Meaning: How Each Sign Will Be Affected


Salutations, sweet signs. From August 11, 2019 until January 1, 2020, Uranus will be retrograde in Taurus—and we have the scoop on how Uranus in retrograde will affect the signs. First of all, no one in astrology makes butt jokes, which is truly a waste of celestial comedy potential, but whatever. I can only control […]

What Each Zodiac Sign Drunk Texts

Scroll To See More Images A drunk text is something to believe in. The classic misspellings, the deep, emotional longing for human connection and, of course, Taco Bell. A drunk text is simply a work of art—the Mona Lisa of our time. While some signs are more likely to drunk-text than others, we are all […]

What Your Tinder Bio Says About You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Scroll To See More Images I deleted my Instagram a while ago because it sort of felt like a giant meat market where everyone was either competing to a) get that ass or b) prove that their ass was the best proverbial ass in the land. And Tinder is no better. While Instagram is an […]

Which Iconic Met Gala Look You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Scroll To See More Images The Met Gala—more formally known as the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala—is a chance for celebrities and fashion-minded individuals to wear extravagance and show their appreciation for the dynamic world of fashion. Basically, it is an annual fundraiser and party thrown by the Costume Institute. (Turns out, the […]

Lunar Eclipse Horoscopes: What July’s Partial Eclipse Means for Each Zodiac Sign

Scroll To See More Images On July 16, 2019 a partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn will occur. Eclipse is also the third book in the highly problematic Twilight series. I love it entirely. I mean, there were so many choices that Stephanie Meyer could have made—and she went for complete abandonment. What a bold move. […]

Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower Horoscopes: How Falling Space Debris Will Affect Every Sign

Scroll To See More Images In the words made famous by Chicken Little—the sky is falling! Psych! I’m only half-joking. It’s just the Southern Delta Aquariids, a meteor shower that occurs from mid-July to mid-August every year. If you want to experience this v pretty and mind-blowing cosmic event, plan your stargazing for July 28 […]

Venus in Cancer Is Sure to Have Every Sign ~Canoodling~

Scroll To See More Images From July 3 to the 27, Venus moves into Cancer. Which means—cue up the cheesy music and beach boardwalk B-rolls, baby. It’s time for ~summer romance~. Whether it be a new crush, reigniting an old flame or just sharing a really, special moment with your dinner—noodles, darling, you are divine—those […]

Kevin Durant to Sign with the Brooklyn Nets, Joining Kyrie Irving

Breaking News Getty Kevin Durant has had with the Golden State Warriors … ’cause he says he’s taking his talents across the country to the Brooklyn Nets to play alongside Kyrie Irving. KD just made the announcement Sunday evening via “The Boardroom” Instagram page — the sports show he created, which is similar to LeBron‘s […]