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Inmates Escape Washington Jail During Coronavirus Chaos!! (Shock Video)


There was a daring jail escape on Monday night, in the State of Washington. The inmates broke out of jail as corrections officers were distracted by the coronavirus. Five inmates are still on the loose, and at least a dozen escaped from a county jail in Washington state on Monday night, officials said. “ALERT! Several […]

Kim Kardashian Punched In The Face By Sister Kourtney!! (Shock Video)


A trailer for the new season of E!’s hit reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians just dropped, and MTO News has learned – this season is explosive.  In the trailer, Kim and her sister Kourtney get into a physical fight. And Kourtney can be seen punching her sister Kim in the face. It starts […]

Grey’s Anatomy’s Jaicy Elliot Talks Justin Chambers’ Shock Exit

“Grey’s Anatomy” always brings the drama, but the long-running show has recently upped its dosage, with a secret crush being revealed and a fan-panned exit of one of its most beloved resident MDs. Thankfully, Jaicy Elliot, aka Dr. Taryn Helm, stopped by TooFab to dish on all the dirt being scrubbed at Grey Sloan Memorial […]

Grey's Anatomy's Jaicy Elliot Talks LGBTQ Crush and Justin Chambers' Shock Exit

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Rapper Lil Kim Reportedly Had MORE Surgery On Her Face & Body!! (Shock Pics)


Rap superstar Lil Kim recently underwent a series of new plastic surgery procedures, according to new social media reports. And yesterday, MTO News obtained pics of Lil Kim’s new and improved face and body. Social media reports say that Kim recently had a Brazilian Butt Lift, and some new lip injections. Here are images: Lil […]

Ray Donovan Cancellation Was a Shock, Season 8 Plans

As television continues to evolve, it’s actually getting more and more rare to have the ax pulled on a series without at least allowing its creators a chance at wrapping up their story. Especially if it’s a long-running series like “Ray Donovan.” And yet, the show’s cast and creators were every bit as stunned as […]

Idris Elba’s Wife Removes Wig – And Exposes Her ‘Tragic’ Edges!! (Shock Pics)


Idris Elba’s new wife Sabrina leaked some images on Instagram this morning – that has fans of the couple a bit perplexed. Every time that we’ve seen Sabrina out on public, she’s wearing a wig. And she typically looks fantastic. This morning, the beauty decided to show off her real hair – so she took […]

White Rapper Punched For Using ‘N’ Word In Rap Battle!! (Shock Video)

A Caucasian rapper was punched and had two of his teeth knocked out, after being punched in the face during a hip hop battle. But the White rapper may have got what he deserved, because he used the “N” word against his rival, who was Black, in the battle. Here is the video of the […]

Love & Hiphop Apryl Spent Christmas – Sleeping On The Floor! (Shock Video)

Love & Hip Hop’s Apryl Jones’ life seems to be spiraling out of control. In a new video, she’s seen sleeping on someone’s floor – on Christmas. And her children do not appear to be with her. A blog leaked video showing Apryl celebrating Christmas with her friends. In the video, it appears that the […]

Shock Pic Of Kylie Jenner Is Leaked – Face Covered With Acne Bumps!!


Kyle Jenner is going viral this morning, after someone leaked an unphotoshopped image of the youngest and richest Kardashian sister. Her face was covered with blotches, and bumps. And the picture has surprised her fans. This isn’t the first time that fans got a glimpse of Kylie’s real face – without the Insta-filters and photoshop. […]