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Shaquille O’Neal FaceTimes ICU Doctors, Nurses, ‘Keep Up The Good Work’

Play video content Exclusive Details Shaquille O’Neal just surprised a group of NJ doctors and nurses with some Diesel-sized motivation — FaceTiming an entire ICU unit to praise them for heroic work during the coronavirus. Here’s how it went down … Brianna Vasquez — a patient care technician at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in […]

Shaq Reveals He Lost Relatives to COVID-19, Plus: His Pic of Him & Kobe as Old Men


Shaquille O’Neal is honoring his former Lakers teammate Kobe Bryant while at home during quarantine. He opened up to β€œExtra’s” Billy Bush about a special photo of him and Kobe, the losses he has suffered in 2020, helping frontline workers, and raising six kids. Shaq was at his home in Atlanta, and behind him was […]

Shaquille O’Neal Won’t Watch HOF Ceremony, Too Sad Without Kobe

Breaking News Shaquille O’Neal says he’s still so emotional about the death of Kobe Bryant, he will NOT watch the 2020 Hall of Fame ceremony because it will simply make him too sad. Kobe is set to be formally inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in August — the ultimate honor for […]

Shaquille O’Neal Pressured By PETA to Cut Ties with Jeff Lowe, ‘Same As Joe Exotic’

Exclusive Is Shaquille O’Neal video chat buddies with Jeff Lowe from ‘Tiger King?’ That’s what Lowe wants us to believe … and now PETA is calling on the NBA legend to cut ties with the Oklahoma zoo owner ASAP claiming he’s just as bad as Joe Exotic. If you recall from the Netflix doc, Lowe […]

Shaquille O’Neal Explains His Appearance In ‘Tiger King’

Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal’s presence in the Netflix documentary, Tiger King, raised more than a few eyebrows. But Shaq wants you all to know that he and Joe Exotic are not friends. The former basketball player addressed how he met the incarcerated big cat owner on The Big Podcast with Shaq. “So we go in […]

Shaquille O’Neal Crashes 1st Grade Class’ Video Chat, ‘Is That Shaq?!’

Play video content Exclusive Details Courtesy of Matt Still Quarantine class got a whole lot better for some 1st graders in Georgia this week … ’cause Shaquille O’Neal popped in their video lesson to say hi — and everyone freaked out!! TMZ Sports has learned the Big Diesel is a family friend of a student […]

Shaquille O’Neal Weeps For Kobe Bryant During TNT Tribute: ‘I Didn’t Want To Believe It’

Shaquille O’Neal broke down in tears during a TNT tribute to Kobe Bryant, which took place at the Staples Center on Tuesday. O’Neal opened up about his grief after losing one of his closest friends: “I haven’t felt a pain that sharp in a while […] We, our names will be attached together for what […]

Shaquille O’Neal ‘Not Doing Well’ After Kobe Bryant’s Death

Breaking News TMZ.com “I’m not doing well. I’m sick.” That’s Shaquille O’Neal admitting he’s really struggling after the death of his “brother” Kobe Bryant — saying he hasn’t eaten or slept since finding out the horrible news. “It just hurts,” Shaq said on his “The Big Podcast with Shaq” show … noting that he was […]

Shaquille O’Neal Defends Daryl Morey Over China Comments, ‘He Was Right’

Breaking News “Daryl Morey was right. Whenever you see something going wrong anywhere in the world, you should have the right to say that’s not right.” Shaquille O’Neal just went to bat for Houston Rockets’ Daryl Morey over his China comments that started an NBA firestorm … saying the heat the GM is taking ain’t […]

Damian Lillard Fires Back at Shaquille O’Neal In New Diss Track

Breaking News Damian Lillard just dropped a new diss track to respond to Shaq … and it GOES HARD. The song is called “Reign Reign Go Away” and it’s pretty solid. He clowns Shaq’s filmography — from “Blue Chips” to “Kazaam” — makes fun of his physique … and then mocks his NBA championship count, […]