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Best African Black Soap Shampoos for Clarifying Dirty Strands

SheaMoisture African Black Soap Bamboo Charcoal Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Like shea butter, coconut oil, and aloe vera, African black soap is an all-natural ingredient that lives up to its reputation and has timeless appeal. If you’re prone to oily skin or acne, a friend or two have probably recommended making it part of your daily routine. If you have natural hair, a YouTuber has […]

The Best Lavender Shampoos For Blonde Hair on Amazon

Colorists Actually Use These Brass-Banishing Purple Shampoos to Tone Blonde Hair

Maintaining blonde hair (at least, color-treated blonde hair) is not the shade of choice for the low maintenance. Not only is lightening naturally-darker locks expensive, but it also requires a lot of upkeep—especially if you’re not cool with grown-out dark roots peeking through every month and a half or so. Sure, there are few blessed […]

The Best Tea Tree Oil & Mint Shampoos For Healthy Hair

Honeydew tea tree mint shampoo

Tea tree oil is an all-natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, which accounts for it being known as the go-to acne treatment alternative. However, it’s also used to heal and reduce foot fungus and heals wounds from cuts, burns, and other injuries. Recently though, tea tree has been in the spotlight within hair care, […]

The Best Sulfate-Free Shampoos on Amazon


If you haven’t already switched over to Sulfate-free shampoos, it might be a good idea! Sodium Laureth or Lauryl Sulfate are toxic chemicals used in shampoos and soaps to help them “foam-up.” But that lovely lather is misconceived because sulfates actually dry out hair damaging the hair follicle. Who wants toxic chemicals in their everyday […]

The Best Volumizing Biotin Shampoos For Thinning Hair

Scroll To See More Images Unlike a bad hair color job, a bad hair cut or severely damaged tresses aren’t exactly something that can be easily be solved with a quick fix. Hair loss and hair thinning can also be caused by a slew of other factors including genetics, stress, hormonal changes, consistent heat styling, […]

The Best Clarifying Shampoos to Blast Away Product Buildup

Scroll To See More Images You probably already know that limiting the number of shampoo sessions you partake in each week offers a slew of hair-enhancing benefits, including helping to extend the life of your hair color, preventing breakage, reversing split ends and reducing frizz. Then, there’s the so-called “No Poo,” method, in which anti-shampoo […]

Best Shampoos For Thinning Hair & Hair Loss

Scroll To See More Images Whether due to genetics, the natural aging process, breakage from a little too much bleach and heat styling, thinning hair is an issue that’s estimated to effect nearly 50% of women at some point. Of course, some of us are just naturally cursed with thin hair, which makes it difficult […]

Best Purple Shampoos For Blonde Hair

Scroll To See More Images Honestly, being blonde isn’t cheap. While there are some naturally blessed with golden locks, for the majority of us so-called bottle blondes, maintaining highlights, bleach and tones, and other “blonding” services can be not only an expensive endeavor, but it can also feel like a second job ⁠— especially when […]

Best Hair Growth Shampoos: Biotin & DHT Blockers

Scroll To See More Images If you’ve ever had an awful hair cut either ravaged by unwanted mullet-esque “layers,” or left a highlight appointment with some alarming breakage, you’ve probably also had a friend try to comfort you with the oh-so-false statement “it’s just hair.” Sure, it is just hair, but we all know that […]