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The Best Mini Lipstick Sets That You Can Buy on Amazon

M.A.C. Shiny Pretty Things

Investing in mini lipsticks sets is always a good idea. Whether youโ€™re a lipstick fiend or newbie, sets are a great way to experiment with different shades and brands. If you donโ€™t like a color, itโ€™s not a massive loss, where it could have been if you had bought a single shade of lipstick that […]

The Best Yoga Block and Strap Sets You Can Buy on Amazon

yoga block and strap clever yoga Sturdy Yoga Block and Strap Sets to Enhance Your Flexibility & Form

Beginner yogis have high expectations regarding what the practice can do for their bodies, but not everyone was born to effortlessly stop, drop and backbend. Things like flexibility, poise, grace and balance come with time, a lot of dedication and a little help from some key yoga accessories. Of course, there are some yoga accessories, […]

The Best Face Mist Sets You Can Buy on Amazon

face mists mario badescu Skin Refreshing Face Mist Sets Because You Can Never Have Too Many

If skincare products are your beauty obsession, hereโ€™s another item to add to your shopping cart (sorry, wallet). While body sprays are slowly creeping their way back into our bathroom cabinets, your money maker โ€” aka your complexion โ€” could use a spritzer, too. And since face mists are the number one item beauty professionals […]

Cozy Loungewear Sets That Are Actually Cute on Amazon

Topbigger loungewear set amazon

If you ask me, loungewear is the underrated and woefully neglected category within fashion. Sure, apparel and lingerie always seem to conjure up excitement, but no one really talks adoringly about their sweatpants, cozy joggers, boxy sweatshirts that somehow look kind of sexy, and boyfriend tees that exude the perfect live-in vibe. But despite being […]

Joey Chestnut Eats 32 Big Macs In 38 Minutes, Sets World Record!

Breaking News “I’m getting a little bit of the meat sweats.” That’s Joey Chestnut in the middle of pounding 32 Big Macs on Thursday … and, yeah, it’s the most disgusting/awesome thing you’ll see all day. The competitive eating legend posted the video on his social media … saying he was having a cheat day […]

The Best Affordable Bridal Sets on Amazon

Scroll To See More Images The standard rule of thumb that suggests that an engagement ring should be priced around the equivalent of about three months of a personโ€™s annual income is kind of outdated. If youโ€™re like myself and some of my millennial peers, youโ€™re probably also on-board with a more affordable bridal ring […]

LeBron James & Michael Jordan Card Sells For $900,000, Sets Record Price!

Exclusive A one-of-a-kind basketball card with an NBA logo patch from Michael Jordan and LeBron James‘ jerseys just sold for $900,000!! Yes … that’s no typo. This is legitimately the most expensive basketball card, EVER. TMZ Sports has learned Ken Goldin from Goldin Auctions sold the card at a private sale this week … and […]

Megan Thee Stallion Sets Record Straight on 2015 Arrest

Play video content Megan Thee Stallion‘s setting the record straight about a prior arrest, and if you think she can rap … wait till you see her tell a story!!! Despite the circumstances, it’s kinda hilarious. The “Hot Girl Summer” MC came clean Tuesday about getting busted in 2015 after she, admittedly, put hands on […]

Jessica Simpson Sets Record Straight — Did Nick and Vanessa Lachey Send a Gift?

It’s the scandal that shouldn’t even be a scandal, but here we are. It’s got all the hallmarks of being a big deal, but may just be a simple misunderstanding. But the question remained and Andy Cohen was determined to get to the bottom of it on his radio show. Did Nick and Vanessa Lachey […]