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Rapper Polo G Denies Selling His Soul To The Devil

Rapper Polo G hopped on Instagram to deny rumors that he sold his soul to the devil. The rumors started after the rapper revealed his newest chain — a Baphomet-style chain. The symbol has long been linked to Satanism. “I just wanna know why people wanna say that I sold my soul? — Like, where […]

Walmart Under Fire for Selling All Lives Matter T-shirt

Walmart’s under fire for selling All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter gear on its websites … but the company says a third party seller’s to blame, and it’s looking into it. The outrage began to spread Tuesday on social media, when people noticed the Walmart Canada site was featuring a black, All Lives Matter […]

John Krasinski Defends Selling Some Good News

The feel-good viral show signed off after eight quarantine episodes produced and hosted by Krasinski before his triumphant announcement that he’d sold the show to ViacomCBS was met with an instant fan backlash. It certainly wasn’t the good news John Krasinski was likely expecting when he shared in on the big announcement that his viral […]

Inflatable Hippo Costume Worn for Safe Hugs is Selling Out

Exclusive Hundreds of air-filled hippo suits are selling out, possibly because they provide extra protection for folks to hug their loved ones … as demonstrated by one loving daughter on TV. The hippopotamus ballerina costume is ballooning in popularity, and the latest display was featured on the news at the Fox Trails Senior Living Home […]

Heather Rae Young on Tarek El Moussa Wedding, โ€˜Selling Sunsetโ€™ Season 2

Selling Sunset

A month before the second season of Selling Sunset started filming, Heather Rae Young met Tarek El Moussa on a boat in Newport Beach. โ€œHe turned around was like, โ€˜Hi. Iโ€™m Tarek.โ€™ And I was like, โ€˜Yeah. I know who you are,โ€™โ€ Heather tells StyleCaster.ย  The connection was immediate. They were both single. They both […]

Chrishell Stause on Justin Hartley Divorce in โ€˜Selling Sunsetโ€™ Season 2

Selling Sunset

Moments before Chrishell Stause started a day of interviews for the second season of her Netflix reality show, Selling Sunset, she received a call that she was nominated for her first-ever Emmy for her role on the soap opera All My Children. โ€œToday is such a celebratory day,โ€ she tells StyleCaster. And while Chrishell has […]

Megan Thee Stallion Now Selling ‘Graphic Twerk’ Videos On Onlyfans!!

Megan Thee Stallion is the first BIG NAME artist to join Onlyfans. And MTO News has learned that for those that subscribe to Meg’s page, which costs $15 a month, they’ll get exclusive twerk videos of Megan. Here’s a link to Megan’s page – for those that are interested And if you want to get […]

’90 Day Fiance’ Corey Rathgeber Selling Virtual Striptease For $39

Exclusive “90 Day Fiance” stud Corey Rathgeber is selling himself on the internet, offering a virtual striptease for the low, low price of only $39 … because, apparently, a man’s gotta eat. Turns out Corey recently signed up for an account on Fanbound, a website very similar to Cameo and he’s selling skin for cheap. […]

Christopher Meloni Selling ‘Haunted’ House Where Former Owners Complained of Ghosts

A model train, passed down from owner to owner, reportedly starts “running in the middle of the night” in the pub room. Christopher Meloni has listed his Hollywood Hills home for sale and the estate comes with a rich, and, according to some former owners, spooky history. The $6.5 million abode was the television home […]