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Dr. Anthony Fauci Donuts Selling Like Crazy at New York Bakery

Dr. Anthony Fauci is moving further into the good graces of Americans looking for guidance amid the coronavirus pandemic … his mug is now on a super-popular donut. Here’s the deal … a bakery in upstate New York is selling new donuts with Dr. Fauci’s face on them, and the sweet treats are flying off […]

FBI Arrests Man for Selling Phony Coronavirus Cure, Claiming Magic Johnson on Board

Breaking News FBI agents say they nailed a coronavirus snake oil salesman — a SoCal man who allegedly claimed he had a cure, and used Magic Johnson‘s name to try to snare investors. Ya, just knew this was bound to happen … the FBI arrested Keith Lawrence Middlebrook Wednesday evening in an undercover sting. The […]

Funeral Home Accused Of Stealing & Selling People’s Body Parts

A Colorado funeral home is being accused by the federal government of stealing, and then selling people’s body parts. Sunset Mesa Funeral Home was raided by the FBI – and owners Megan Hess, 43, and her mother Shirley Koch, 66, were arrested. According to the indictment, between 2010 and 2018, the mother and daughter offered […]

Costco Yanking Food Court Seating, But Still Selling Dogs & Pop

Exclusive TMZ.com Costco’s been packed to the gills lately — and to get folks the hell out of their warehouses ASAP … certain locations aren’t even giving you the option to park it anymore for a bite. Check out these photos TMZ got of the Costco location out in Arlington, VA — just a stone’s […]

Home Gyms Selling In Record Numbers During Coronavirus Outbreak

Exclusive TMZ/Getty Composite With gyms across the country closing their doors due to the coronavirus pandemic, gym rats are determined not to miss a workout … and it’s a gold rush for home gym retailers. Home fitness companies across the country are telling us the same thing … their products are selling like hotcakes and […]

Soulja Boy Says He’s Now Selling Dish Detergent

Following his release from jail a few months back, Soulja Boy had kept a fairly low profile, but this week he visited The Breakfast Club to speak about his new ventures — which include selling dish detergent. “Once you get into the music industry, you branch out, you know what I’m saying? Do different stuff, […]

Scott Disick Selling ‘Wash Your Hands’ Apparel Amid Coronavirus Scare

Scott Disick’s fashion brand released a line of clothing on Friday which appears to be in response to the coronavirus outbreak. The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star is the founder and creative director of Talentless, which is selling T-shirts and hoodies that feature the phrase “Please Wash Your Hands” written in bold letters. “Just […]

Kids Selling Hand Sanitizer Instead of Lemonade To Combat Coronavirus

Mega When life gives you fears over coronavirus … make some hand sanitizer and sell it at your lemonade stand!!! Check out these funny pics of two young entrepreneurs in Texas … the kids are putting a twist on the classic suburban lemonade stand by hawking bottles of hand sanitizer for $3 a pop. Mega […]

Supreme Oreos Are Selling for Over $80k on Ebay, and We’re Screaming

Scroll To See More Images Let me just say something real quick: People areΒ wildΒ and brand loyalty is no joke. I’ve loved a few brands unconditionally in my time, but neverβ€”neverβ€”have I even considered paying thousands of dollars for a three-pack of cookies. The level of buzz surrounding the new Supreme Oreos is absolutely astounding, but […]

50 Cent: ‘Nothing Will Stop Tekashi 6ix9ine From Selling Records When He’s Released From Prison’

50 Cent believes that Tekashi 6ix9ine will be just as successful when he leaves prison as he was before he decided to turn on his fellow gang members. During a recent sitdown with Angie Martinez, 50 explained why he feels this is the case: “There’s nothing that will stop him from selling records,” he told […]