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Trump Says ‘LameStream Media’ Pushing Virus Scare So He Loses Election

Sorry folks … even if you like Donald Trump, come on — now he thinks the coronavirus scare is something the media has cooked up to defeat him in November. Trump flew off the handle on Twitter, saying, “The LameStream Media is the dominant force in trying to get me to keep our Country closed […]

Zac Brown Tearfully Blasts Young People Who Party During Coronavirus Scare

Play video content Zac Brown is torn up over the pandemic … he’s broken up over temporarily saying goodbye to his stock-in-trade, and he’s outraged that young people are hangin’ out in beaches and other places. Zac was emotional as he explained how he had to pull the plug on touring … something all artists […]

Los Angelenos Flock to Gun Stores During Coronavirus Scare

Mega People are clearing out grocery aisle shelves amid the coronavirus pandemic — but the microscopic enemy’s also got folks ready to shoot their way out this problem. At least two gun stores in the San Fernando Valley — just outside of L.A. — had lines coming out the door this weekend, as people flocked […]

Nevada Brothel Demands Masked Sex During Coronavirus Scare

Exclusive TMZ/Getty Composite The coronavirus has changed the way most of us live in fundamental ways, which made us wonder what was happening with some of the most intimate contacts — sex in brothels. We contacted a half dozen of the biggest brothels in the Las Vegas area, and they’re all open for business … […]

‘Price is Right’ Goes Dark for 2 Weeks During Coronavirus Scare

Exclusive Getty Composite “The Price is Right,” one of the most enduring game shows in the history of TV is going dark for 2 weeks with the hope the coronavirus will subside by then … TMZ has learned. The show is going the way of so many other entertainment shows … some are shooting without […]

‘Riverdale’ Production Shut Down Due to Coronavirus Scare

Exclusive TMZ/Getty Composite “Riverdale” is shutting down because someone on the production has a very real concern about coronavirus exposure. A rep for Warner Bros., which produces the CW show, tells TMZ … it recently was made aware that a team member from the show recently came in contact with a person — not on […]

Scott Disick Selling ‘Wash Your Hands’ Apparel Amid Coronavirus Scare

Scott Disick’s fashion brand released a line of clothing on Friday which appears to be in response to the coronavirus outbreak. The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star is the founder and creative director of Talentless, which is selling T-shirts and hoodies that feature the phrase “Please Wash Your Hands” written in bold letters. “Just […]

Justin Bieber Helps Ellen DeGeneres Scare David Beckham, Reveals Dirty Secret


Usually it’s somebody from Ellen DeGeneres’ team in a costume crouched inside her box just waiting for their cue to surprise her unwitting guests. This time, it was Justin Bieber, who had to endure more than five minutes of David Beckham’s interview before he could finally break free. While we didn’t get Ellen’s favorite slow […]

‘Bachelorette’ Star Chad Johnson Gets Visit from Cops After Suicide Scare

Exclusive Cops showed up to ex-“Bachelorette” star Chad Johnson‘s home to perform a welfare check on him after he posted a disturbing picture hinting at suicide … TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … cops got a call for a possible suicidal person and rushed to Chad’s home in the San Fernando Valley. […]

Felicity Huffman & Daughter Wear Masks at Airport Amid Coronavirus Scare

Felicity Huffman wasn’t able to escape to the U.S. criminal justice system, but she is trying to make a clean break from the coronavirus … which has apparently made its way stateside. The actor was out Saturday at JFK with her daughter, Sophia, who was roped into the college admission scandal last year. They were […]