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ANKLE WRAP SANDALS – Wait, You Need This

My favorite sandal style for my favorite season. It’s almost summer and I’m stocking up on ankle wrap sandals in multiple colors. Shop the pair I’m wearing or my edit below of pairs to wear all day, higher heels, and ones with a little. something extra. Wear them all day: Turn on your JavaScript to […]

Move Along Dad Sneakers, Dad Sandals Are Taking Over the Spot for Spring

Fashion Move Along Dad Sneakers, Dad Sandals Are Taking Over the Spot for Spring Spring has officially sprung and these dad sandals are just what you need to add the extra pep to your step. by Team Yoyokulala | May 11, 2020 The boyfriend jean. The boyfriend shirt. The boyfriend sweater. The boyfriend blazer. You […]

Platform Sandals Are Back and Here’s Why You Need a Pair

Fashion Platform Sandals Are Back and Here’s Why You Need a Pair We’re calling it – the “ugly” shoe trend is over. For a change, slip into shoes that have found the sweet spot between comfort and appeal. by Kames Narayanan | November 27, 2019 In the past year, fashion has set foot (ha ha)  […]

23 Pairs of Summer Sandals So Cute You’ll Wonder Why They’re on Sale

Scroll To See More Images Alright, friends, the weather is seriously warming the hell up and I’m sweating like it’s my job. Since I can’t really walk around the streets of Los Angeles with no clothes on, I’m trying to update my summer wardrobe to be as cool (both literally and figuratively) as possible. In […]

Best Summer Sandals 2019 | 51 Pairs to Shop

Scroll To See More Images Summer is exciting for a handful of reasons—chiefly that we’re all allowed to bare our feet to the world for the first time since, like, September. Sure, consistent high temperatures and sunshine-filled days are great. But have you ever tried getting a pedicure, busting out a fresh pair of summer […]

Spring Sandals 2019 | The Best Spring Sandals to Shop Now

Scroll To See More Images Let’s not beat around the bush here: Spring shoe shopping is fun. Even for me, someone who basically never shops shoes, no matter the season. Spring gives our feet a break from the cavernous snow boots they’ve been inhabiting for months on end, and invites our toes out into the […]

Steve Madden Brought Back Your Fave ‘90s Sandals

Scroll To See More Images Everything always comes back full circle, and it’s no secret that the ’90s are cool again (and have been for a while). We’ve been seeing classic ’90s trends resurface with modern twists, and honestly, I’m pretty happy about it. (As long as low-rise jeans never come back.) Continuing to bring […]

Jelly Sandals Are Having a Moment & I Couldn’t Be More Here for It

Scroll To See More Images The first time I laid eyes on jelly sandals, I ignored them. Because they seemed like one of those ‘90s relics that could only ever skew juvenile. But jelly sandals—in all their seemingly elementary glory—have managed to endure, only growing in pervasion since they first trickled into the zeitgeist in […]