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Urban Decay Black Friday Sale 2019 Picks for Upgrading Your Makeup Routine

Scroll To See More Images While Black Friday is often synonymous with scoring deeply-discounted tech buys, it also means snagging amazing beauty deals from my favorite brands, including Urban Decay. And while its year-round discounts are always a major highlight, the Urban Decay Black Friday sale always comes through with the best savings. And now […]

Jennifer Aniston & Reese Witherspoon Reveal Diet & Health Routine – HollywoodLife

reese witherspoon workout routine

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston spilled all the details on their health and fitness routines, including intense workouts, eating small meals, and even fasting! Jennifer Aniston, 50, and Reese Witherspoon, 43, are two of the world’s most respected and famous stars. Despite decades working in the industry, the duo look just like they did when they first […]

Minimalist Beauty Routine: The 8 Products I’ve Used Since High School

Scroll To See More Images I’m nothing if not a fan of efficiency. In high school, I ate the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day for an entire semester. My thinking: Each of the three meals tasted good and gave me enough energy to get through the day. Why complicate my routine by […]

Best MAC Makeup for Fast Routine According to a Senior MAC Artist

Scroll To See More Images I am so passionate about cutting corners with my beauty routine that I actually buzzed my hair off. No, I’m serious: it’s a lifestyle, not a pipedream. So when I say I want a makeup look that takes no more than five minutes to finish, I absolutely mean it. Give […]

My Updated Skincare Routine: Part 1, Daytime

Beauty My Updated Skincare Routine: Part 1, Daytime I spill the beans on ride-or-die skincare products that have a special place on the vanity shelves, some I’ve been using for years. (And yes, there’s a part two!) by Yoyo Cao | October 8, 2019 As a self-professed beauty aficionado, I hold my skincare routine close […]

New Natural Hair Products Fall 2019 Favorites for Your Routine

Scroll To See More Images Okay, it’s time for honesty hour. We’re not even a week into the official autumn season and I’m already in desperate need of a new hair routine. From countless hours in the sun to more days than usual in-between washes, my spirals are basically crying out for help (and moisture). […]

How to Create a Healthy Morning Routine, According to 6 A.M. Fitness Instructor Emma Lovewell

emma lovewell blogher19 creators summit

If anything has an Instagram-versus-reality dichotomy, it’s the morning routine (also filed under: things we love to hate). I love a picture-perfect plate of avocado toast and beautiful latte art as much as the next girl, but my #wokeuplikethis is less daily affirmations and more frantically thinking through my to-do list and already feeling like […]

Pineapple Beauty Products to Add to Your Skincare Routine


It’s like we blinked and pineapple beauty products popped up from a dozen of our favorite brands. But it’s not just a trendy ingredient that evokes SpongeBob SquarePants references and comes in cute packaging. Pineapple extract is actually full of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), which chemically exfoliate skin and make your face glow. Pineapple is a […]

4 Fall Skin Care Products That Will Update Your Routine

drroebucks 4 Products You Need to Update Your Skin Care Routine for Fall

After soaking up every moment of our own personal Hot Girl Summer, it’s time to prep for our personal favorite style season (don’t @ us, Geminis!). And while we certainly wait all year for the fashion (leather! knits! wool! *swoon*), the drop in temperature can often wreak havoc on our skin. It forces us to […]

Barbara Palvin’s Exercises & Fitness Routine Revealed In New Interview – HollywoodLife

Barbara Palvin for Victoria

Barbara Palvin officially became a Victoria’s Secret Angel this year, and she’s spilling all of her model secrets to HollywoodLife! From her exact workouts to what she loves to indulge in — Barbara’s fitness tips are unmatched. From the runway to the pages of Sports Illustrated Swim and Victoria’s Secret and beyond, Barbara Palvin is […]