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Julianne Hough Glitter Roots Is the Modern Version of the Trend

julianne hough glitter Julianne Hough Just Brought Back the Glitter Roots Trend

Back in 2015, glitter roots were everywhere. What started as a festival trend moved on to everyday life. I even tried them for a story and it took me weeks to get all the glitter out of my hair and I vowed never again. But then here’s Julianne Hough’s glitter roots that are modern and […]

Shawn Mendes’ Capsule Collection with Roots Is Fangirl-Worthy

Scroll To See More Images I haven’t been a self-admitted fangirl since the days when the boys of One Direction weren’t on hiatus (RIP), but something about Shawn Mendes gives me major heart eyes. Perhaps it’s his boyish grin and dreamy vocalsβ€”or how hot he looks when he gets really sweaty on stage. (Can you […]