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Robert Pattinson Shares ‘Terror Memories’ from Twilight Era

Robert Pattinson has come a long way in his career from his inauspicious — but still lusted after — early days as a star in the Harry Potter franchise and, obviously, the much-maligned blockbuster “Twilight” films. He rocketed to superstardom at such a meteoric rate that he admitted he still has “terror memories” from those […]

How the Kardashian Sisters Are Paying Tribute to Their Late Father Robert Sr on His Birthday

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Robert Pattinson as ‘The Batman’ Revealed in Quick First Look

Robert Pattinson is officially moving on from his “Twilight” vampire days and heading to the Batcave … here he is for the first time as Batman!!! The actor’s new role as The Dark Knight was just revealed for the first time by “The Batman” director Matt Reeves in a 45-second camera test … in which […]

Rugged ‘Wild Wild West’ Star Robert Conrad Dead at 84


TV legend Robert Conrad, remembered for his sardonic delivery, athleticism, and impossibly tight pants on the sci-fi western “The Wild Wild West,” died Sunday at 84, his spokesman Jeff Ballard confirmed to People magazine. Providing no details of Conrad’s passing, Ballard said in a short statement, “He lived a wonderfully long life, and while the […]

Kim Kardashian Thinks Psalm West Is Her Father Robert Kardashian Reincarnated

After several encounters pointing to the same result, Kim Kardashian says she is convinced that her son Psalm West is actually her father, Robert Kardashian Sr., reincarnated. According to the reality star, it all began on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” during a trip to Bali where she reminded E! News “a woman, a blind […]

Rob McElhenney Says Robert Pattinson Over Brad Pitt is Blasphemy

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Rob McElhenney‘s not on board with Robert Pattinson being declared “The Most Handsome Man in the World,” because when it comes to good looks … he believes an American actor’s the cream of the crop. But no, it’s not his good buddy, Charlie Day. The “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” […]

Robert De Niro Claims Ex-Assistant Threatened to Spill Dirt on Him

Exclusive TMZ.com Robert De Niro‘s lawsuit against his ex-assistant is getting nastier — he now claims she made veiled threats against him, if he didn’t ante up on her demands. According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the famed actor says Graham Chase Robinson sent him an email in August 2019 claiming she would […]

Robert Downey Jr. Says ‘90% of My Black Friends’ Approved of Tropic Thunder Role – Joe Rogan Experience

While many took umbrage with Robert Downey Jr.‘s role in “Tropic Thunder,” the actor revealed some of his close confidants were in full support. The “Iron Man” star wore Blackface for most of the 2008 film as he portrayed Kirk Lazarus, a white method actor who underwent “pigmentation alteration” to play a person of color […]

Robert Kraft Gives Hope To Patriots Nation, ‘We Plan To’ Bring Back Tom!

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com And now, TMZ Sports Presents: Terrible Clip, Great Soundbite … starring Robert Kraft!!! Here’s the Patriots owner out in NYC on Tuesday … giving Pats fans hope Tom Brady ain’t done in New England yet — all while piling himself into the back of his chauffeured ride on a busy […]

7-Time Champ Robert Horry Says Only ‘Idiots’ Use Rings To Measure Greatness

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com “All these other idiots who don’t play basketball and never played basketball, when they say you wanna judge a guy’s greatness by number of championships … they’re idiots.” It’s safe to say Robert Horry is fed up with NBA fans using rings instead of common sense in debates … telling […]