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Hair Salons Secretly Taking Clients, Risk Losing Licenses Amid Pandemic

Exclusive Times are tough, and it’s got hairstylists and barbers in California risking their careers to make some desperately needed cash right now … TMZ has learned. Sources close to the situation tell us … many professionally licensed folks in the hair biz are secretly taking clients despite the state’s extended stay-at-home order, which does […]

Chicago Teens Risk Catching Coronavirus – Line Up For New Jordan Sneaker (Vid)

Almost 300 teenagers stood on line yesterday in Chicago, trying to get their hands on a newly released pair of Air Jordan sneakers, MTO News has learned. HERE IS A LINK TO THE VIDEO, SHOWING TEENS LINED UP A popular social media based sneaker reseller from Chicago told his followers that he would be selling […]

R. Kelly Owes $1.88 Million to IRS, Says That Means He’s No Flight Risk

Exclusive R. Kelly owes Uncle Sam nearly $2 million … and that’s exactly why he says he would NOT be a flight risk if he gets released from jail due to the pandemic. The singer’s lawyers filed legal docs arguing Kelly owes a whopping $1,878,737.43 to the IRS to bolster their stance that he can’t […]

Coronavirus Fallout Puts Elderly Cat-Scratch Victim At Risk

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com The fallout from the coronavirus pandemic runs far and wide, and one woman is beside herself with anger and frustration because she’s at risk for coming down with rabies and can’t get help. Check out this video … she says a cat scratched her and she’s trying to get a […]

R. Kelly Asks To Be Released From Prison Again; Denies He’s A Flight Risk!!

R. Kelly is requesting again that he be released from prison over the COVID-19 outbreak. His new request comes ten days after a federal judge denied his previous request to be released pending trial. “Mr. Kelly is experiencing tremendous stress and anxiety in light of the recent COVID-19 developments,” the emergency motion filed in the […]

R. Kelly Requests Jail Release Again, Says He’s Too Famous for Flight Risk

Exclusive R. Kelly‘s first attempt to get out of jail due to coronavirus fears didn’t work, but he’s going back to the well — claiming his medical crisis is even worse now, and insisting he won’t skip town. The disgraced singer filed a renewed emergency motion obtained by TMZ asking to get released from lockup […]

Pets at Risk of Catching Coronavirus From Humans, Cats Most in Danger

Exclusive The coronavirus pandemic could wreak havoc in a frightening new way, because your house pets could be at risk of coming down with COVID-19. An expert at the National Institute of Health tells TMZ … while people might be worried about catching the coronavirus from their pets, it’s actually the other way around, and […]

Coronavirus Risk High in Ocean and at Beaches, Scientist Warns

The coronavirus might be even more contagious and dangerous than we already think, and one scientist warns a super-risky place to be is near the ocean … so she’s urging folks to stay the hell away … at least as the Pacific Ocean is concerned. Kim Prather — an atmospheric chemist at the Scripps Institution […]

Utah Jazz ‘Cleared’ By Health Dept., No Longer At Risk Of Infecting Others

Breaking News Huge news out of Utah … where the state Dept. of Health says it has “cleared” Jazz players and staff to leave isolation after 2 players tested positive for coronavirus. Remember, Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell were the first two NBA athletes to test positive for COVID-19 roughly 2 weeks ago, prompting the […]

TX Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Rejects Social Distancing, Seniors Need to Risk Death

Play video content Fox News This will put a smile on President Trump‘s face … the Lt. Gov. of Texas says to hell with social distancing, because old folks should risk death by COVID-19, so the economy can start recovering. Yes, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick told Tucker Carlson Monday evening, “Those of us who are […]