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Mike Tyson In Shirtless Steel Cage Showdown On L.A. Beach, Still Ripped

Play video content BACKGRID Here’s “Iron” Mike Tyson tossing a steel cage around an L.A. beach this week like it’s a toy … and it’s pretty fun to watch!! Unclear why Mike hit the sand … but it’s all obviously part of a larger production — hence the video cameras and crew members (all of […]

Pelosi Says She Ripped Up Trump’s Speech Because it was ‘A Manifesto of Mistruths’

Play video content Exclusive Details CNN Nancy Pelosi took a page out of President Trump‘s playbook … and then ripped it up, and now she’s explained why. Status: Pelosi stole some of the President’s thunder when she played to the camera and tore up her copy of the State of the Union address. She said […]

Trick Daddy’s GF Has Wig Ripped Off On Love & Hip Hop – She’s Bald Too!


This weekend, a picture of Trick Daddy was released – showing that the Florida rapper has a severely receded hairline. Well it turns out that his reality star girlfriend Nikki also has a receding hairline. And it was exposed this weekend as well. MTO News has confirmed that on Saturday, Nikki was filming a scene […]

Mark Wahlberg Even More Ripped After 6 Months of Training & Clean Eating

Telepictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. may use my email address along with my interests and device data to send me tailored email and other offers through social media or other sites and apps. Sign Me Up! Opt out at any time by sending email to [email protected], by mail to “Privacy Group, Warner Bros., 4000 […]

Kumail Nanjiani’s Intense Workout Regimen to Get Ripped For ‘Eternals’

Play video content Exclusive Kumail Nanjiani walked into his workout regimen for “Eternals” as one big softy and emerged totally yolked thanks to high-intensity training, and a major focus on 2 key body parts. Check out these workout videos of Kumail pumping iron with Grant Roberts … the celeb trainer tells TMZ Kumail’s transformation from […]

Video: Love & Hiphop Joseline Jumped In Miami – Clothes Ripped Off!!

Love & Hip Hop legend Joseline Hernandez was reportedly jumped yesterday, while in Miami. And video of the aftermath of the beating has leaked online. GRAPHIC video of Joseline getting her clothes ripped off According to online reports, Joseline was at a Miami nightclub making an appearance, when she was confronted by a group of […]

Halle Berry Shows Off โ€˜Ripped Absโ€™ in New Instagram Pic


Wowza! Halle Berry is giving us serious #fitnessgoals! The Oscar winner showed off her โ€œripped absโ€ in a new Instagram pic, proving sheโ€™s ready for her role in the MMA drama โ€œBruised.โ€ The 53-year-old wrote in the caption, โ€œHappy #FitnessFriday, everyone! Thereโ€™s no better feeling than setting a goal and smashing it. One of my […]

Caroline Wozniacki Is Ripped to Shreds In New Bikini Pic

Breaking News Turns out, being a pro tennis player helps keep Caroline Wozniacki in INSANE shape!! Check out the 29-year-old showing off his shredded bod while rocking a bikini on an L.A. rooftop this week. Wozniacki has been super busy this year — when the former #1 ranked player in the world isn’t playing tennis, […]

Mick Foley Shows Off Ear That Vader Famously Ripped Off, Still Not Repaired!

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com You know the ear that Vader famously ripped off of Mick Foley‘s head in a wrestling match 25 years ago?? Yeah, Foley just showed it to TMZ Sports — and it’s still not fully repaired … AND IT’S STILL GROSS AS HELL!!! We spoke with the wrestling legend out in […]

Sylvester Stallone Goes Shirtless To Show Off Ripped Chest & Tattoos โ€“ HollywoodLife

Rocky still has a rock-hard physique โ€“ and heโ€™s covered in tattoos! Sylvester Stallone flaunted his buff bod during a shopping trip, while also showing off his impressive ink. At 73-year-old, Sylvester Stallone is probably in better shape than most men half his age. The Rambo: Last Blood star put his muscles on display during […]