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‘Kindergarten Cop’ Actor Richard Tyson Busted for Harassment, Boozing

‘Kindergarten Cop’ Star Busted for Public Intoxication, Harassment 6/19/2019 9:52 AM PDT Breaking News 9:52 AM PT — Police arrested Tyson Wednesday morning after he was allegedly involved in a dispute with another individual around 2:45 AM. Actor Richard Tyson — best known for his role as the villain inΒ “Kindergarten Cop” — is in some […]

MLB’s Richard Rodriguez Dresses Up As Jesus For Pirates’ Epic Costume Day

Pittsburgh Pirates Jesus, Batman & Buzz … Epic Costume Party! 6/7/2019 7:18 AM PDT Breaking News Deadpool, Batman, Spiderman and Jesus all walk onto a plane … No, this ain’t the start of the next Avengers movie … it’s the Pittsburgh Pirates’ epic costume party on Thursday!!! The Buccos beat the snot out of the […]

‘Fast N’ Loud’ Star Richard Rawlings Finalizes Divorce, Must Pay $300k

‘Fast N’ Loud’ Richard Rawlings Divorce is Official … She Gets a Benz and $$$ 5/14/2019 12:40 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE “Fast N’ Loud” star Richard RawlingsΒ is officially a single man … but it wasn’t cheap. Richard’s now ex-wife, Suzanne, will get to keep all of her bank accounts plus the 2019 Mercedes SL 450 roadster […]

Richard Sherman on Nick Bosa, Tweets Won’t Matter If You Can Play

Richard Sherman On Nick Bosa Tweets Won’t Matter If You Can Play 5/7/2019 7:55 AM PDT Breaking News “One thing about football is that nobody really cares what you say if you can play.” That’s how Richard Sherman views the situation regarding his new 49ers teammate,Β Nick Bosa — who’s been at the center of controversy […]