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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Release Christmas Card, Psalm’s Debut

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are sending chill vibes with their family card this Christmas … their first as a 6-pack! The entire fam posed — with white stairs as the backdrop — in super comfy sweats. Kanye’s holding Chicago, and sporting his trademark no smile. It’s okay though, North and Saint smiled plenty for […]

Gretchen Carlson Wants Fox News to Release Her From NDA, Says She Was ‘Forced Into Silence’

Former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson is calling for Fox News to follow NBC’s lead and release her from a non-disclosure agreement she signed as part of a settlement after her bombshell allegations after former CEO Roger Ailes in 2016. “โ€˜Winningโ€™ my complaint with a settlement and a non-disclosure agreement meant I was, essentially, forced […]

Aladdin’s Mena Massoud Hasn’t Had ‘A Single Audition’ Since Film’s Release

“Aladdin” may have made over $1 billion in theaters, but star Mena Massoud hasn’t found much success since the film’s release. In an interview with The Daily Beast published Tuesday, the 28-year-old actor revealed that he hasn’t had “a single audition” in the wake of the release of the live-action remake, which he stars as […]

Walking Dead Spinoff Lands Name, Trailer and Release Date

The long-awaited second spinoff to “The Walking Dead” has finally landed a title, a trailer, a tentative launch date, and a surprising connection to the larger “Walking Dead” universe. We were also introduced to the big-name star joining the series, as well as the crucial role she’ll play that may just connection “The Walking Dead: […]

‘Game of Thrones’ Star Dean-Charles Chapman Says Release Alternate Ending

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Tommen Baratheon is backing up what Tormund Giantsbane has said about an alternate ending to their hit show, “Game of Thrones” … and goes further by demanding its release. We got Dean-Charles Chapman Saturday in NYC and asked him about what costar Kristofer Hivju recently said to a British outlet […]

Selena Gomezโ€™s 2020 Album Release Date Is Sooner Than Expected

Selena Gomez 2020 album

Itโ€™s been four years since Selena Gomez released her last album, but luckily, fans wonโ€™t have to wait much longer. Selena Gomez announced her 2020 albumโ€™s release date and luckily, itโ€™s NOT very far away at all!!! Youโ€™ll probably still be hard at work on your New Yearโ€™s resolutions by the time this album comes […]

Demi Moore Says Call from Ex Bruce Willis After Book Release Brought Her to Tears


Following the release of her memoir โ€œInside Out,โ€ actress Demi Moore has ex-husband Bruce Willisโ€™ full support! On the Netflix podcast โ€œPresent Company with Krista Smith,โ€ Moore opened up about her emotional call with Bruce. She said, โ€œI was getting ready to do Jimmy Fallon live the other night, and I was in the dressing […]

Time’s Up President Demands NBCUniversal Release NDAs, Allow External Investigation

In the wake of bombshell reporting by Ronan Farrow, NBCUniversal came out with a statement that basically said former employees who want to speak out about any issues of harassment they may have experienced can now contact the company to be released from their non-disclosure agreements, but Time’s Up president Tina Tchen says this isn’t […]

City Girls’ JT Hit Studio Before Hugging Mom After Prison Release

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com The big boss man behind the City Girls says JT is so focused on cranking out new hits … she went straight to a studio even before hugging her mom when she got outta prison. We got Pierre Thomas — Quality Control Music cofounder — at LAX and he told […]

‘Joker’ Searches Spike on Pornhub After Big Screen Release

Exclusive Alamy Joaquin Phoenix is getting huge Oscar buzz for “Joker,” but the movie’s big opening weekend has some folks thinking about polishing a different kinda hardware. For some reason, certain enthusiastic “Joker” fans decided to search for related content in the porn world. According to the good folks at Pornhub, they got a massive […]