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Judge Denies R. Kelly’s Request For Early Release

R. Kelly is one of the many incarcerated stars who filed motions to be released from jail early due to the coronavirus outbreak. The Bureau of Prisons has suspended legal and social visits as part of its efforts to prevent coronavirus outbreaks at its facilities, and the star says that he has not been able […]

R. Kelly’s Bid for Prison Release Due to Coronavirus Denied

R. Kelly swung hard to get out of prison over fears he’d catch COVID-19 … but he struck out cause the judge just denied his request. According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the judge said among the several reasons why the disgraced singer will NOT get out of prison is because he’s still […]

YNW Melly Says He’s Dying from COVID-19, Begs for Prison Release

Exclusive YNW Melly is begging a judge to let him out of prison … because he says he’s on the verge of dying from COVID-19. The rapper’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, filed legal docs, obtained by TMZ, claiming the rapper — in prison awaiting his murder trial — is suffering from severe chills, heavy labored breathing, […]

California Prisons to Release 3,500 Inmates Early Due to Coronavirus

Thousands of inmates in California prisons will be released early as officials fear overcrowding could spark a deadly outbreak of the coronavirus. The move comes in the middle of a pandemic as the nation desperately tries to get a handle on how to stem the disease. Fact is … jails and prisons are breeding grounds […]

R. Kelly Insists Prison is Petri Dish for COVID-19, Again Demands Release

Exclusive R. Kelly‘s firing back at prosecutors who say he shouldn’t get released early due to coronavirus risks — arguing prison is a petri dish, and insisting he can’t properly prep for trial from jail. The singer’s legal team filed a reply to the feds’ response to Kelly’s original motion last week, in which they […]

Vanessa Bryant Announces Release of Kobe’s First Project After His Death


Over two months after his sudden passing, Kobe Bryantโ€™s new book โ€œSeason Oneโ€ has been released. The book is a follow-up to his New York Times Best Seller โ€œThe Wizenard Series: Training Camp,โ€ which focuses on a basketball player named Reggie, who dreams of superstardom. Kobe’s Instagram was updated for the first time since his […]

Vanessa Bryant Celebrates Release Of Kobe’s New Book

Breaking News The next installment of Kobe Bryant‘s best-selling book series is here … and Vanessa is paying tribute to her husband’s work on the bittersweet day. The book, “Season One” is a follow-up to Kobe’s NYT Bestselling work, “The Wizenard Series: Training Camp” … which focuses on a young hooper named Reggie, who dreams […]

โ€˜Tiger Kingโ€™ Netflix Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers, News: Whereโ€™s Joe?

Tiger King

Warning: Spoilers for Netflixโ€™s Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness ahead.ย If youโ€™re anything like us, youโ€™re in desperate need of Netflixโ€™s Tiger King season 2. The seven-episode docuseries, which was released on Netflix on March 20, followed the rise and fall of Joe Exotic, the self-proclaimed Tiger King and the owner of Oklahomaโ€™s Greater Wynnewood […]

The Weeknd Defied Music Execs With Album Release During Coronavirus

Exclusive The Weeknd defied music executives and refused to put his album release on ice in the throes of the coronavirus pandemic … and now he looks like a genius!!! Here’s the deal … The Weeknd announced a March 20 release date for his new project “After Hours” long before the virus reached the United […]

R. Kelly Cries About Having To Buy His Own Soap As He Fights For Prison Release Due To Coronavirus

Disgraced singer R. Kelly is trying desperately to get out of prison and is using the coronavirus outbreak to do it — complaining that he has to buy his own antibacterial soap. Kelly has not been confirmed as having COVID-19. Earlier this week, his lawyer issued a statement saying that he is working hard to […]