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Oscars Giving Remake, Reboot, Reimagining Nausea? Here’s Medicine

Go into any corner on the Internet today and you’re likely to hear wannabe cinephiles and critics (whether amateur or professional) bemoaning the lack of originality in studio films. You’ll hear the dreaded “remake” or the eye-roll inducing “reboot” or the savage “re-imagining” weaponized into a kind of molotov cocktail which is then thrown at […]

β€˜The Lion King’ 2019 Review: A Beautiful Reimagining With Song Remixes

timon pumba and simba the lion king 2019 The Lion King Is A Beautiful Reimagining Of A Timeless Classic

From the moment the light rose on screen, and the animals begin singing β€œThe Circle Of Life,” I knew this film would be something special. Disney’s The Lion King is adored by generations of people– those who have been enamored with the 1994 animated film since it debuted, and a slew of others who are […]