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Benzino Punches Out Jail Inmates Tooth!!

Benzino was not in jail for very long after he was arrested for attacking ex, Althea Heart’s new bae — but he apparently got into a fight and posted a pic of the Gwinnett County Jail inmate’s tooth stuck in his hand.Β  “My dad sent me this from the infirmary, he got into a fight […]

White Supremacist Viciously Punches Woman in Hateful Rant

Breaking News One of the most vile, disgusting displays we’ve seen in a long time went down in Nokomis, Florida, when a white supremacist spewing his love for Trump and hatred for others violently attacked a woman. A self-proclaimed white supremacist in Florida attacks an innocent woman after praising Donald Trump pic.twitter.com/vCec0xn87S β€” Fifty Shades […]

UFC’s Mike Perry Punches Old Man In Angry Restaurant Tirade

Breaking News ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry — a star in the UFC — punched an elderly man in the face at a Texas restaurant Tuesday night in a violent, angry rage … and the entire incident was caught on video. Perry and his GF were leaving Table 82 restaurant in Lubbock, TX while arguing with staffers […]

Chicago Cop Charges Protester, Throws Him Down, Punches Head

Play video content Fox 32 Chicago A Chicago PD officer charged at a protester, shoved him to the ground and started attempting to pummel him … and it was all caught on video. The attack went down Thursday night as demonstrators took to the streets again to protest the killing of George Floyd and police […]

Video Shows Violent LAPD Arrest, Officer Throwing Punches

Video of a Los Angeles police officer throwing haymakers, repeatedly hitting a man in the head and body is sparking backlash and launching an internal investigation. The brutal footage is from an arrest last month in the Boyle Heights neighborhood in L.A., and you can see the officer landing at least 9 punches to the […]

Bianca Bonnie Punches Chozus During Insane Fight on Marriage Boot Camp

Well, they certainly went out with a bang for the season finale of “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition.” In a TooFab exclusive preview of Thursday’s episode, Bianca Bonnie and Chozus get into a heated argument that ends with a physical altercation after the songstress demands to know what her beau had written down for […]

NYC Man Punches Police Officer Who Was Allegedly Brutalizing Suspect! (Video)

A New York Coty police officer was punched in the face by a masked man, who believed the officer was brutalizing a helpless suspect. Here is the video of the police officer getting punched Th incident occurred yesterday in the Bronx, as the officer and his partner were arresting a man suspected of committing a […]

Black Ink’s Young Bae Punches Miss Kitty – Twitter Reacts!!

The mid season trailer for the new season of Black Ink Crew: New York just leaked. And in it, Miss Kitty and Young Bae are seen getting into a physical altercation. And a member of production tells MTO News, that Young Bae “punched” Miss Kitty in the face, and the two ladies fought on camera. […]

NYC Man Punches Asian Woman On Subway – Says ‘Diseased B*tch’!! (Coronavirus Crime)

A New York City man Β is being accused on social media of committing a hate crime against an Asian woman yesterday, on the NYC subway. This may be the latest in a string of anti-Asian violence that has occurred across the world, since the spread of the Coronavirus. Here is the video – warning contains […]

French Montana Wears Makeup – After 50 Cent Allegedly PUNCHES Him!!


Yesterday, there were rumors circulating on social media that rapper 50 Cent ran down on French Montana inside a Miami night club Friday night, and punched him in the face. And now there seems to be substantial evidence that IT’S TRUE. News of the rumor first hit Twitter yesterday, when β€œvideo footage” leaked showing 50 […]