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President Trump Gets Standing Ovation At National Championship Game

Play video content Breaking News ESPN President Donald Trump may wanna stick to college football games … ’cause #45 got a standing ovation once again at the College Football Playoff national championship game!! It hasn’t always been this friendly for POTUS … he’s been boo’d to hell (World Series), cheered incessantly (LSU vs. Alabama), and […]

President Trump To Attend National Championship in New Orleans, Reports Say

Breaking News TMZ.com #45 just can’t get enough of Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence … ’cause President Donald Trump will be checking out the big College Football Playoff championship game!!! POTUS — who witnessed Burrow’s Heisman campaign firsthand during the LSU and Alabama game this season — is expected to hit up the huge match-up […]

FaZe Clan President Says Gamers Could Eventually Make As Much Cash As NFLers

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com FaZe Selkoe — aka the president of the famous FaZe Clan — says Esports stars ain’t making NFL player money yet … but he tells TMZ Sports it could eventually happen. And, why? The 44-year-old says their business model is just perfect for today’s society. Selkoe tells us because fans […]

President Trump’s Cameo in ‘Home Alone 2’ Cut Out by Canada TV

TMZ.com President Trump has been 86’d from ‘Home Alone 2’ by Canadian TV … but the reason the network is giving for the omission is … well, sketchy. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation removed Trump’s cameo in the classic Christmas movie. The CBC claims it cut out the 10-second cameo in order to make room for […]

President Trump Impeached After House of Representatives Vote

Breaking News TMZ.com 6:04 PM PT — White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham just issued a scathing statement on Trump’s impeachment, calling it “one of the most shameful political episodes in the history of our Nation.” The WH also says Democrats pushed “illegitimate articles of impeachment” and defends Trump for “doing absolutely nothing wrong” while […]

President Trump-Signed Oath of Office For Sale Amid Impeachment Fervor

Exclusive TMZ.com Donald Trump‘s John Hancock on a White House reprint of his presidential oath of office definitely sends a message … and it might fetch a big payday for the guy who got it signed. The story goes that a State Party Campaign Chairman for Trump asked a friend of his working for the […]

President Trump’s Twitter Rants Show Narcissism and Lack of Impulse Control

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com President Trump‘s a child with extreme narcissistic tendencies … so says “Couples Therapy” star Dr. Jenn Mann, who helped us psychoanalyze 45 … in an attempt to figure out what’s behind his brutalization of people on Twitter. We got the good doc Thursday in L.A. and the TV/radio shrink has […]

President Trump Condescends Greta Thunberg, She Trolls Him Right Back

Breaking News TMZ/Getty Composite President Trump‘s getting one-upped in his favorite arena — Twitter — by Greta Thunberg, or as he refers to her … that kid with the “anger management problem.” The Prez took a pretty condescending shot Thursday morning at Time’s Person of the Year. His reaction to her getting the honor … […]

Rosie O’Donnell Says Barron Trump Controversy Overblown, Slams President

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Rosie O’Donnell firmly believes the Stanford Law Professor who name-dropped Barron Trump didn’t do anything wrong and hopes the testimony helps impeach the President. We got Rosie and her BFF Ally Sheedy Thursday night outside the “Jagged Little Pill” musical in NYC and asked her about the GOP outrage over […]

Brazil’s President Accuses Leo DiCaprio of Funding Amazon Forest Fires

Getty Leonardo DiCaprio is responding to what sounds like an outrageous accusation from Brazil’s President — that the environmentally-conscious actor paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to burn down the Amazon Forest. President Jair Bolsonaro made the claim twice on Friday — once on Facebook Live, and again during a political rally — calling out […]