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Postmates Delivery Robot ‘Serve’ Gets New Life in Wake of Coronavirus Pandemic

Getting your food in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic is getting downright robotic. There’s been a seismic shift in interest in self-delivering robots in the last few weeks. Serve — a self-delivery robot for Postmates — has been out and about delivering grub to hungry customers. Play video content BACKGRID Postmates introduced Serve last […]

Banana Republic & Postmates Is the Latest and Greatest Unexpected Pair

Scroll To See More Images If youโ€™ve ever searched endlessly through your wardrobe, found absolutelyย nothing to wear and wished for a new outfit to magically appear in your closet, I might just have the answer to all your prayers. Banana Republic and Postmates have just teamed up to bring you the ultimate clothing delivery service. […]

Lizzo Sued by Postmates Delivery Person for Defamation

Exclusive TMZ.com Lizzo may have bitten off more than she could chew by claiming a Postmates driver stole her food … because the driver is now coming after her in court. Tiffany Wells claims in a new lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Lizzo has really screwed up her life when she went on social media and […]

Lizzo’s Postmates Driver Says She’s Not a Food Thief and Now She’s Terrified

Exclusive Getty The Postmates delivery driver Lizzo publicly accused of food theft says her days since then have been the worst of her life — she’s humiliated, terrified and worst of all … it’s a bum rap. The driver, Tiffany W., tells TMZ … her world was turned upside down when the “Truth Hurts” singer […]

Kendall Jenner Has Dropped $10,000 on Postmates Since 2015

Exclusive TMZ/Getty Composite Kendall Jenner is just like the rest of us, she orders from Postmates and she loves sushi … but we’re pretty sure she opens up her wallet juuuust a bit more than you. Okay, a LOT more!!! Kendall is one of Postmates’ most dedicated customers … because the company tells us she […]

Chance the Rapper Dropped $30,000 on Postmates Since 2014

Exclusive TMZ Chance the Rapper is here to make sure you don’t feel bad about all the money you’ve spent on Postmates … because you probably can’t come close to the huge tab he’s racked up. The rapper is one of Postmates’ most dedicated customers … because the company tells us he started getting deliveries […]

Kid Cudi Drops $10k on Postmates, Feeds Homeless Popeyes Chicken

Kid Cudi Drops $10k on Postmates Provides Popeyes for Homeless 4/22/2019 2:47 PM PDT EXCLUSIVE Kid Cudiย just wrapped up a very busy weekend at Coachella, but he still found time to feed the needy … with a huge assist from Postmates. The rapper got things started off on the right foot in the California desert […]