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10 Submissive Sex Positions To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom


Being in charge is a good thing, for the most part. But when it comes to sex, sometimes getting a little submissive can be a fun way to switch up your norm. Whether you’re a boardroom boss who wants to be dominated during your time in the bedroom or someone who’s just turned on by the […]

Sex Positions for Confidence: 10 Moves To Help you Feel Sexy In Bed


Finding the confidence to truly feel sexy is difficult in any arena, but let’s be honest: it can be especially challenging in the bedroom. Once the clothes come off and it’s just you and a partner (or a few partners, if that’s your vibe), it’s easy for fear and self-consciousness to rear their heads—and nothing […]

Kelly Rowland & Lala Anthony Talk About Favorite S*x Positions!!

Lala Anthony and Kelly Rowland are best friends, who speak openly about everything – including sex. Yesterday Lala and Kelly had one of their girl talks, in front of millions of people on Instagram. And the conversation got graphic. (watch the above video) Lala and Kelly asked each other which sex position they favored – […]

10 Dominant Sex Positions To Make You Feel Like A Total Dominatrix


Whether you’re single, in a relationship or constantly getting woken up by 2 a.m. texts from your latest hookup, I have a funny feeling you could use a little variety in your sex life. No, I’m not condoning cheating—I’m just talking about throwing in a few new moves! A few dominant sex positions, to be […]

Sex Positions From Behind: 10 Moves Rear Lovers Will Never Forget

Scroll To See More Images When you think of sex positions from behind, you may scratch your head at how backward penetration could stretch far beyond classic doggy style. And, I’ll be honest, I immediately (and erroneously) had the same reaction. As an avid fan of the down-on-all-fours technique, I questioned how you could possibly […]

8 Amazing Sex Positions to Try When You Only Have 10 Minutes

Scroll To See More Images There’s such a huge emphasis on having sex last as long as possible. Like, light some candles, play some music and ease yourself into a sweet, sexy mood. Sometimes, though, you’re pressed for time, and need some 10 minute sex positions in your arsenal. Just because time isn’t on your side […]

Fabolous And GF Emily B Show Off Favorite S*x Positions!! (Pics)

Rapper Fabolous and his longtime girlfriend Emily B are still in the honeymoon phase of there relationship – 10 years into it. The couple decided to show off fans their favorite sex positions. Here they are: Fabolous, 41, and Emily, 40, are in a really good place in their relationship. But this wasn’t always the […]

8 Makeup Sex Positions That Are Aggressive and Loving All at Once

Scroll To See More Images Few things feel as decidedly human as makeup sex. For those moments when we’re simultaneously so enraged, so exhausted and so entranced that all we really know how to do is get it on. And since makeup sex is the natural progression of a vast array of conflicts, it pays […]

9 Threesome Sex Positions That Make Ménages-à-Trois More Approachable

Scroll To See More Images As a writer, I’ve been pretty transparent about my hang-ups with threesomes. (Probably too transparent.) And basically every challenge I’ve encountered is logistical. Threesomes are undeniably intriguing, but they’re, in every way, less obvious than two-person sex. How do you initiate a threesome? How do you transition into one? And […]

7 Shower Sex Positions That Minimize Slipping (and Other Discomfort)

Scroll To See More Images Shower sex is one of those things that’s almost always better in theory than it is in practice. Cue every romantic movie ever, where one person steps into the shower to find their partner rinsed and ready to go. Seriously, they’re never mid-shave with shampoo in their hair or running late […]