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New Target Beauty December 2019: Quick Dry Polish, Hair Treats and More

Scroll To See More Images Personally, I’d be interested in seeing a year-end Target roundup for my 2019 purchases; similar to the Spotify lists we love sharing this time of year. (How many times have I streamed Megan Thee Stallion? Let’s just say it’s been a hot girl spring, summer, winter and fall for yours […]

Essie Expressie Nail Polish Is the Brand’s First New Formula Since 2017

essie expressie air dry

All of us who do our own nails know the struggle of waiting for polish to try. It feels like it takes forever and even when you think it’s good to go, you bump your nails and the polish dents. The worst. Essie Expressie nail polish is hoping to change that. The popular polish brand […]

Sally Hansen Natural Nail Polish Is the Brand’s First Vegan Formula

romantic peach

I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life and a beauty editor for a decade and even I didn’t know that not all nail polish is vegan. But Sally Hansen’s new natural nail polish is. You might be surprised to learn that certain polish formulas are made with carmine, which is derived from insects, as well […]

Best Nail Polish Colors For Each Zodiac Sign

Scroll To See More Images If you’re like me, and anxiously await the big reveal of your horoscope each month, week or even day, you probably find astrology to a comforting guide for how to navigate what’s in store for the future as you move through life’s inherent uncertainties (…not to mention this year’s seemingly […]

Best White Nail Polish Colors to Wear This Winter and Beyond

Scroll To See More Images “Don’t wear white after Labor Day.” I think it’s safe to say that in 2019, that “rule” is so early 2000s and completely outdated. As far as I’m concerned, white is appropriate at any time of the year. Whether you’re rocking white graphic liner or coating your nails in the […]

Essie Winter Nail Polish 2019 Is a Holiday Glitter Bomb for Your Nails

essie winter 2019

It’s starting to get cold in many parts of the country and Essie is here to get us all into the holiday spirit. The Essie winter nail polish collection is a festive upgrade for your current manicure. Each of the six limited-edition shades is full of reflective glitter pearls people will see from across the […]

Olive June Holiday Nail Polish 2019 Is a Totally Unexpected Moody Vibe

olive june winter

When you think of holiday nail polish shades, you might think of bright red and green and maybe blue and cranberry. But Olive & June’s holiday nail polish for 2019 is a breath of fresh air. The cult-favorite Los Angeles-based nail salon has rolled out its biggest launch yet with six winter hues and three holiday-ready […]

Essie Mercury In Retrograde 3 Nail Polish Is Here to Add Some Sparkle in Your Life

essie its not you

I live in Los Angeles so I hear a lot about Mercury in retrograde, basically whenever someone is having a bad day or gets the wrong juice order. (I’m sorry, don’t @ me.) Next time I hear about the planets changing, I’m going to recommend they pick up the new Essie Mercury in Retrograde III […]

See Through Nail Polish For Making a Subtle But Stunning Statement

Scroll To See More Images The less is more beauty philosophy will never go out of style, especially when it comes to our nails. I love a glitter manicure as much as the next person (usually during the holidays), but nothing beats the understated elegance of a paint job that delivers just a hint of […]

LeChat Mood Nail Polish Even Smells Like Coffee

lechat mood nail polish

If you were in middle school in the ’90s like I was, you were probably obsessed with mood rings. When it turned green, you told all your friends it meant you were happy (or envious? I can’t remember). Of course, the “magic” was in the temperature of the ring, which is how LeChat’s mood nail […]