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Platform Sandals Are Back and Here’s Why You Need a Pair

Fashion Platform Sandals Are Back and Here’s Why You Need a Pair We’re calling it – the “ugly” shoe trend is over. For a change, slip into shoes that have found the sweet spot between comfort and appeal. by Kames Narayanan | November 27, 2019 In the past year, fashion has set foot (ha ha)  […]

NEW Subscription based platform — by Andrea Maria

En el 2012 fundé dearmilano.com. 8 años después era momento de un cambio que me permitiera continuar escribiendo y creando contenido de calidad para ustedes. Tengo dos años preparándome, escribiendo acerca de temas que se son de su interés, guardando todo lo que escribo para este increíble día. Una de las cosas que más amo […]

Ninja Leaves Twitch for Rival Streaming Platform

TMZ Bombshell news in the gaming world … Ninja is leaving Twitch — and he’s going to a direct competitor. The move will land Ninja — the most famous gamer on Earth — with Microsoft’s Mixer platform, Twitch’s biggest competition with gamers in the livestreaming space. Unclear how much cash Mixer shelled out to get […]

Best Platform Shoes 2019 | 13 Trendy Pairs to Shop

Scroll To See More Images The barely-there “floss” heel trend that blew up at the end of last year is still going strong—especially now that it’s actually warm enough to wear them on the regular, and not just in your shoe selfies. But with every action comes an equal but opposite reaction. Which might explain […]

Facebook is now a key platform for anti-Muslim extremists. Facebook could stop it—if it wanted to

Buzzfeed’s report explains the ins and outs of how Facebook has let’s-say-inadvertently constructed a site that rewards sensationalized and extremist content, and company policies that tolerate anti-Muslim extremism even when discovered. But let’s not beat around the issue here. It’s not that Facebook and other top content sites (see: YouTube) can’t take steps to limit the ability of […]