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FBI Arrests Man for Selling Phony Coronavirus Cure, Claiming Magic Johnson on Board

Breaking News FBI agents say they nailed a coronavirus snake oil salesman — a SoCal man who allegedly claimed he had a cure, and used Magic Johnson‘s name to try to snare investors. Ya, just knew this was bound to happen … the FBI arrested Keith Lawrence Middlebrook Wednesday evening in an undercover sting. The […]

Lil Wayne Ordered to Fork Over $150,000 in Phony Concert Case

Exclusive TMZ.com Lil Wayne‘s gotta pay up for allegedly creating fraudulent companies to book fake concerts … ’cause he didn’t even bother to fight the lawsuit against him. According to new legal docs … the rapper’s been ordered to fork over $150,000 to Ramin Natan, who sued Weezy for breach of contract and fraud. It’s […]

TGI Fridays Sued For $5 Million Over ‘Phony’ Potato Skins Chips

TGI Fridays Sued Your Potato Skins Chips Are Lacking … Potato Skins!!! 3/27/2019 2:49 PM PDT TGI FridaysΒ is shady as hell for selling fake-ass potato skins chips — at least according to one pissed off customer who’s now officially seeking … snack justice. The chip lover in question,Β Solange TroncosoΒ … is suing Fridays, claiming the potato […]