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Chris Brown Strikes Deal in Monkey Case, Pays $35k Fine, PETA Responds

Exclusive Getty Composite 2:59 PM PT — A spokesperson for PETA tells TMZ, “The pet trade tears baby monkeys away from their mothers and sells them to people who can’t possibly care for them properly. CA wildlife officials did the right thing in acting on PETA’s complaint and seizing this Capuchin from Chris.” They continue, […]

Aaron Carter Beefs with PETA After Org Calls Out Mom Slapping Dog

TMZ.com Aaron Carter‘s mom was caught on video brutally smacking one of his dogs … and now the singer is at war with PETA. Aaron is trading blows the animal org after it called out Aaron and his mother, saying, “Dogs are family — not for IG likes. SLAPPING them or SELLING THEM for a […]

Justin Bieberโ€™s Clapback at PETA: Kitten Cost Is Not โ€œA Real Problemโ€


Recently, our favorite Canadian-popstar-newlywed adopted two adorable kittens named Tuna and Sushi (which is seriously too, too cute,) yet heโ€™s faced some serious backlash from animal rights activists for itโ€”namely, because he spent a whopping $35,000 to purchase them. Last night, however, fans saw Justin Bieberโ€™s clapback at PETA over kitten costs posted on his […]

Justin Bieber Disses PETA After They Criticize His $35k Exotic Kittens โ€“ HollywoodLife

After PETA criticized Justin Bieber for spending $35k on a pair of exotic kittens, the โ€˜Sorryโ€™ singer clapped back by saying the organization needs to stop โ€˜trippingโ€™ and focus on โ€˜realโ€™ issues plaguing animals today. โ€œPETA can suck it,โ€ Justin Bieber, 25, posted to his Instagram Stories on Oct. 3. Biebs shared a screenshot of […]

Justin Bieber Claps Blasts PETA for Criticizing His Exotic Cat Purchase

TMZ.com Justin Bieber‘s not playing with PETA — he’s firing back hard at the animal rights org after it slammed him for dropping $35k on 2 exotic cats … telling them to suck it. JB adopted a pair of Savannah kittens a little more than a month ago — which he named Sushi and Tuna […]

PETA Scores Legal Win in ‘A Dog’s Way Home’ Defamation Suit

Exclusive A Dogโ€™s Way Home PETA’s celebrating a legal W that it hopes will be a big step in putting an end to using live animals in movies … and it got some cash to boot. The animal rights org will receive a “substantial payment” from Paws for Effect, the company that trained the puppy, […]

Dan Bilzerian Catching Heat From PETA For Feeding Captive Bear at 4/20 Party

Dan Bilzerian How Bear You!!! PETA Pissed He Fed Captive Animal At 4/20 Party 4/24/2019 11:30 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE Dan Bilzerian is catching major heat for feeding a Kodiak bear at a house party … and because PETA would never literally feed Dan to the wolves, they’re going after him with a team of lawyers.ย  […]

Maks Chmerkovskiy on Peta Murgatroyd: ‘I Will Do Anything for My Wife’


During their shoot for the Lapalme spring issue, Maksim Chmerkovskiy told Lapalme Creative Director Derek Warburton, “I will do anything for my wife. Just make this shoot all about her.” Lapalme All about Peta The devoted “Dancing with the Stars” couple was on hand to promote Peta’s new movie, the Christian-based rom-com “Faith, Hope and […]