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EleVen By Venus Williams’ Geometric Collection Is Perfect For Summer

Scroll To See More Images As the summer temperatures begin to heat up, it can be difficult to get yourself off the couch long enough to work out—especially if you’re fond of exercising outdoors. Sometimes, though, the best motivation is a cute (and functional!) ensemble. And once you feast your eyes upon the new EleVen […]

Joel McHale Says Ken Jeong Is Perfect Podcast Partner in a Pandemic

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Joel McHale says his ex-costar, Ken Jeong, has proven to be just the right man for the job — when that job is a podcast about what the hell’s really going on with a pandemic. JMH told us all about “The Darkest Timeline” … the podcast he and Ken launched […]

Best Eyeliner for Cat Eye Enthusiasts Who Want to Perfect Their Wings

Haus Labs Liquid Eyeliner

Personally, wearing eyeliner and mascara every day has always felt like a lot of work. I prefer doing one or the other, mostly because I’m always running late and don’t have time for much else. Admittedly, I almost always go for the mascara first, but when I do opt for the other, I need the […]

Best Grey Eyeshadow Amazon for the Perfect Smokey Eye

revlon colorstay

When you’re shopping for eyeshadow, grey probably isn’t the first shade you reach for. It’s a lot more fun to play around with rose and orange hues and maybe even some blues and greens. But grey eyeshadow is actually really handy to have around, especially if you love a smokey eye look. It doesn’t have […]

Alicia Keys Explains What FOOD She Eats, To Get Perfect Skin!!

Alicia Keys Playing Around On IG Live

Do you want clear skin like Alicia Keys?  Yesterday Alicia Keys opened up to her fans about her beauty secrets. Alicia  wears little to no makeup, and her skin is virtually flawless.  The Good Job singer is known for her makeup-free complexion. She frequently shows up at red carpet events with minimal makeup.  In a […]

Best Oil-Free Eyeliner Amazon Perfect for Lash Extensions

beauty garde oil free liquid eyeliner

If you’re a fan of lash extensions or lash lifts, you know the deal. Oils in eye makeup and makeup remover can break down the glue and solution and cause your pricey treatment to fall out faster. That’s a disaster. Luckily, there are some stellar oil-free eyeliners that are still long-wearing, ultra-pigmented and even smudge-proof. […]

Steve Harvey’s Daughter Lori Shows Off Her ‘Perfect’ Stomach!!! (Pics)


Lori Harvey, rapper Future’s on-again off-again girlfriend and daughter to Steve Harvey, was spotted earlier this week as she made a grocery shopping trip to Bristol Farms,. Lori went to the organic market to stock up on some essential groceries for the week.  And the pics of Lori shopping quickly went viral. Many on social […]

Olive June Nabela Noor Summer 2020 Nail Polish Came at the Perfect Time

olive and june

While it’s okay not to be ultra-productive or super-busy during this difficult time, it can be nice to have something creative to focus your attention on. That could be writing, playing an instrument or experimenting with makeup and nails. Olive & June’s Nabela Noor Summer 2002 nail polish collection is perfect for those moments. The […]

DSW Sandal Sale May 2020: Score The Perfect Summer Shoes At 40% Off


Sandals for summer are obviously a must-have, but sometimes I think we all forget just how good wearing them can feel—rather than stuffing our feet into sneakers or booties. I love a good chunky sneaker and animal print bootie as much as the next person, but sandals allow us all to let our pedicures shine […]

50 Graduation 2020 Gift Ideas Under $50 Perfect for Any Grad


Graduation for the class of 2020 looks a little different this year. While typically, students and their loved ones would be attending graduation ceremonies and parties, most of us are under stay at home orders with schools closed for the rest of the academic year. Now more than ever is the time to show your […]